Germany vs. Cyprus

In our big Cyprus-Germany comparison you will find out which advantages and disadvantages await you in Cyprus and whether it makes sense to emigrate to Cyprus.

Tax calculator Cyprus Limited

What do you save in taxes with a
Cyprus Limited?

This calculation example was calculated using exactly paid fees
of a sole proprietorship in Germany.


44.910 / yearly
  • ~ 35.000 € EK Tax
  • ~ 9,500 € trade tax
  • ~ 210 € GEZ
  • ~ 304 € IHK contributions


12.500 / yearly
  • max. 12.500 € EK tax
  • 0 € Trade tax
  • 0€ GEZ
  • 0€ IHK


95.514 / yearly

  • 76.000 € EK Tax
  • 19,000 € Trade tax
  • 210 € GEZ
  • 304 € IHK contributions


25.000 / annually

  • max. 25.000 € EK tax
  • 0 € Trade tax
  • 0€ GEZ
  • € IHK

At 200,000 profit and a sole proprietorship:

Your savings: 70.514 €

Of course, the savings will vary depending on profit and sales as well as the type of business. But the fact is that at some point, with your own business, you will come to that very point where you ask yourself what all you could have bought with €70,514. Two cars, a major investment in your business to grow further?

So if you spend three years in Cyprus, and the profit remains at around €200,000 as in the example above, you could buy a family home in Germany, or wherever, from the tax savings alone.

Based on the non-dom status in Cyprus, these savings are possible!

Should you emigrate to Cyprus?

Cyprus is considered a tax haven in Europe, especially for entrepreneurs, with numerous advantages But is it worth emigrating to Cyprus? What can emigrants expect after emigrating to Cyprus?

We clarify this in our big Germany vs. Cyprus comparison. How do both countries fare on the basis of numerous facts? What are the advantages and disadvantages of emigrating to Cyprus?

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Compare Germany Cyprus
Rental and purchase prices
Quality of construction / insulation
Electricity costs
Gas and oil costs
Internet, electricity and mobile prices
Car prices (buying a car in Cyprus)
Car repair costs
Driving license costs
All insurance costs
Bank charges
Loans (interest)
Tax consultant fees
Company formation fees (GmbH / LTD)
Sales tax refund (promptness)
Trade tax
Profit taxation (GmbH / LTD)
Regional, fresh products
Variety of organic products
Food prices
Prices for craftsmen, plumbers, gardeners
Drinking water quality
Water costs
Quality of craftsmen, plumbers, etc.
Speed of service providers (deadlines)
Cost of dentures, fillings, treatment
Costs for medical treatment (private)
Appointment doctor talk
Quality medical care
Coverage special clinics
Costs health insurance / social ins.
Salaries in general
Vacation days and working days
Quality kindergarten
Quality & Offer Schools
Offer (international) private schools
Nature diversity in the immediate vicinity
Leisure activities in general
Security (burglary, crime)
Looseness acc. penalties & fines
Amount of fines
Emergence speed cameras, traffic controls
Police response and assistance
Response time patient transport
Variety of restaurants and cuisine types
Quality delivery services and restaurants
Variety & Prices Furniture & Furnishing Stores
Shipping costs, shipping times packages
Weather (sun, constancy, severe weather)
Local transport, air connections
Warmth & openness of the people
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Conclusion: not an easy comparison!

In fact, in our raking, Germany wins quite narrowly with a little more green thumb in the overall score, but as already said, this is an absolutely personal assessment and difficult to compare everything with each other. Every person is different, and so individual points are of different value to everyone. However, it should help you to assess the true facts about both countries from years of experience and personal assessment. For some people the weather, the warmth and the nature is more important than a very good infrastructure or cheap food prices - you have to decide that yourself! We hope that we could help you with this rather large and general comparison! If you are interested in emigrating to Cyprus, becoming a member of our portal will prepare you perfectly for emigration!

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On this page you will find a deeper comparison for cost of living in Cyprus compared to Germany. 

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