Emigrate to Cyprus

In this article you will learn why we emigrated to Cyprus

Why did we emigrate to Cyprus?

Originally, the two of us emigrated to Cyprus because a good customer told us about the tax haven Cyprus. As a child, I always had the dream of living on the Mediterranean. There, where life is slower, people are more relaxed and the sun smiles at you every day. As a child I was often on the Greek island of Samos. How much I loved the sea and the serenity of the place.

In 2019, when a client told me about setting up his business in Cyprus and the tax advantages that come with it, I quickly booked a vacation to Cyprus to take a closer look at the island. However, we were to find out what the true advantages of the island were only after emigrating to Cyprus and our everyday lives.

Emigrate Cyprus Advantages

The island of Cyprus already geographically belongs to Asia

and is about a three and a half hour flight from Germany. The island is 9,251 square kilometers in size. If you drive along the very well-developed highway from Nicosia to Paphos in the southern part, you'll be on the road for a good hour and forty minutes on the 150-kilometer route.

The official language on Cyprus is Greek and English. Perfect for emigrants and digital nomads, because you can look forward to a complete signage in English, and also the almost 900,000 inhabitants speak almost perfect English. One looks for such an advantage on Greek or Spanish islands in vain.

After our ten-day vacation in Pissouri and Limassol it was clear for us that we could settle here. The wonderful weather, the turquoise and very clean sea, the wide range of different restaurants of all kinds and especially the cordiality of the inhabitants had convinced us. Cyprus is worth every trip and especially an emigration!

Those who emigrate to Cyprus, immigrate and establish their Limited will receive the following benefits for 17 years:

  • Tax-free income per person up to 19,500 euros per year
  • No taxes on free withdrawals from the company (dividends)
  • No taxes on share gains
  • 60 days minimum stay per year to receive these benefits
  • Only 12.5% on annual profits of the company (corporate income tax)

All this is offered by the non-dom status, which can be obtained, for example, through our tax advisor in Cyprus. Official hurdles and correspondence in Greek are completely taken care of by the office, so that you can lean back and relax.

Whoever is in possession of their non-dom status, the Cypriot registration certificate (yellow slip) and their own limited company in Cyprus, receives all the advantages of up to 27.5% compared to Germany, not to mention the tax-free salary. And also the health system (GESY) in Cyprus can be seen. The compulsory insurance offers solid health care according to EU standards.

Cyprus emigration

However, I got to know the real advantages of the island only after living there for about two years.

Cypriots are insanely easy-going and friendly. They like people from all over the world and forgive many mistakes. If you adapt to the lifestyle of the inhabitants, you will quickly decelerate and quickly forget some pressure, stress and anger from Germany. Here, the quality of life and living time is the focus of every day, and that is something we have forgotten a little bit in Germany. If you are ambitious and interested, you will be rewarded to the highest degree. Visiting nearby waterfalls on the weekend? Or go hiking in the shady forests? A day at the seaside with a Cypriot coffee, or rather visiting the breathtaking mountain villages? Skiing or snowboarding in winter, to spend the afternoon swimming in the sea and later in the sun even in December? Cyprus offers all this!

When we emigrated to Cyprus, I recorded and wrote down in detail all the experiences and steps of emigration. I shot videos and created sample forms. I dealt with the biggest health insurances and recorded all impressions. After a few months, based on our own experience, we negotiated fixed benefits for members with our tax advisor, and worked for a year on our member portal - simply to make emigration to a new life as easy as possible for newcomers and those interested.

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Emigrate to Cyprus

The largest portal for emigrants in Cyprus

So every member who wants to emigrate to Cyprus is taken firmly by the hand and my portal explains every step of the emigration to Cyprus and planning in detail and understandable. Whether dealing with authorities in Germany or Cyprus, the right preparation for this important step of his life or the perfect health insurance in Cyprus - in our portal there is nothing that remains unanswered.

Since 2020, several hundred members have already used our expertise, ventured the step to the sunny side of life and successfully founded a company in Cyprus. Meanwhile, the response of this unique project is so great that we could proudly claim to be the largest portal for emigrants in Cyprus!

Cyprus Forum Emigrants

Whoever becomes a member can not only save high costs, 

that otherwise consultants and coaches charge, but learn important insider tips and become a Cyprus expert overnight. We look forward to welcoming you soon as a full member, and especially on the new sunny side of your life!

Is Cyprus interesting for emigrants? 

Don't worry! This will be the longest text you have to read in our portal. Our portal is clearly divided into individual topics and tasks. We publish this text here because we first wanted to write a book about emigration to Cyprus and the establishment of a Cyprus Limited.

Let's start with Phase I. You have learned from an acquaintance, via the Internet or the media that there are tax havens in Europe that offer other tax options? Or you are already a successful businesswoman or -man, and you are annoyed every time about the horrendous taxes that are assessed in Germany? You have always been attracted by the topic of emigration?

In principle, a welfare state lives mainly from taxes, and paying taxes is also good. However, the tax system should always be in harmony with those who actively support it on a daily basis. And, I maintain, taxes should also be used as sensibly as possible - For schools, kindergartens, roads, infrastructure, culture - to name just a few points. Millions of dollars worth of traffic circle projects, vantage points, "diets" for people who already have numerous, overpriced consultants around them, or airports that don't get finished at all are not part of this, in my opinion. So much to it, I think alone this topic could fill several books, but that do fortunately already others ...

I have with each invoice - as well as all entrepreneurs - 19% sales tax paid monthly. So far, so good. In addition, at some point several thousand euros per month were added as trade tax. This type of tax is assessed by the county or city in which your business is located to implement regional things, or even county roads. At the end of the year, they look at what you have earned in profit after deducting all costs. And this is - depending on the level of taxation - taxed at about 35-40%. So something is taxed again, which was already taxed before with almost 1/5 of the total price. There are different ways to calculate the total tax in Germany. Some come, relatively plausibly, on up to 80% tax, which one cedes as an entrepreneur in Germany at the end to the state - and there Germany is world-wide at the upper point. That is simply a fact.

Emigrate to Cyprus

Taxation is growing - and emigration for tax optimization makes more and more sense

At some point your company grows, as in my case, to a size where these 80% taxes per year add up to an enormous sum. A sum that would mean a small car for one entrepreneur, or a whole family home for another - which, if you were to buy it, would then be taxed several times over anyway, which many then call "double taxation". In the end, there is a rather bitter aftertaste when you receive the fat additional payment in the following year and the tax office demands the same sum on top as a security deposit and "advance payment", because the tax office is afraid that you and your company will go bankrupt with all the sums and payments.

At the latest there you think about alternatives. After 8 years of running the company, it was time for me. I had never used outside capital or artificially driven up my sales. I managed it naturally and sustainably, with a lot of ambition, creativity and luck, to achieve up to 60% growth and several million euros in annual sales. The success was celebrated every year in a conversation with the tax advisor, until it came to how much tax one now has to pay in arrears. One quickly asks oneself: why is there no tax flat rate, a taxation that is the same percentage for every entrepreneur, no matter how much he earns?

If one entrepreneur makes 20,000 euros a year in profit, and another 200,000 euros, then it would be only fair if both, as an example, had to pay 20% in taxes. The first entrepreneur would only have to pay 2,000 euros, while the high earner would have to pay 20,000 euros. After all, everyone pays the same 19% VAT in the supermarket, when buying a car or in the technology market, regardless of whether the buyer is a small or a high earner. That's why I'm in favor of a uniform tax flat rate for profit taxation. Nobody would feel disadvantaged. On the contrary, there could be a great incentive to increase profits and sales even more. Instead, one almost gets anxious about what profits and associated back taxes will be at the end of the year. In my eyes, the tax flat rate is a fair and round thing, and many countries already offer it. But in our country, taxation actually goes up exponentially as sales and profits increase. This, in turn, is anti-growth and anti-entrepreneurial.

If you cannot change this highly discussed tax system in our country overnight, then you should see what you can change about your situation yourself. How you can legally save taxes and invest these saved sums more sensibly in your company or your family, and not in traffic circles with senseless art creatures or viewpoints at a dizzying height of 5 meters.

And there you are. At the "point of no return", although of course there is always a "return". So much for the preface, a little frustration has been vented....

There is a large island in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus, which in addition to a very diverse vegetation, a very constant, warm climate and very tasty food, also offers great tax advantages that are not "without". So there is a so-called "Non-Dom" program, which can be claimed by any EU citizen, well, let's rather say -entrepreneur. This program guarantees you 0% on dividends for at least 17 years from the beginning, there is no trade tax and you only pay 12.5% on your income.

To keep it short: this portal is not meant to explain the system to you, because you surely already know that, otherwise you wouldn't be here - but to explain and suggest to you how you can best and most safely carry out a limited company foundation or a change of location with your already running company.
Because when I was ready to tackle the consideration, I was faced with a huge mountain full of questions - to which I had to look for answers on the Internet, in forums, in Facebook groups and through contacts. And these were there, as so often in life, quite varied. I also believe that there are numerous entrepreneurs who have the idea in their minds, but do not dare to do it due to uncertainty. That is why we have developed this portal, an interesting and interactive guide.

So much for the preface. Now let's get started. Phase I means: Take a vacation! Book a two-week trip to Cyprus to get to know the island. Because the basic building block means: would you like to live there for several years, or maybe forever?

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