Insurance and liability insurance for Germans, Austrians or Swiss living abroad

Be well insured abroad as an expatriate

In addition to private, international health insurance for emigrants and expats in other EU countries, you should also think about liability insurance, dog insurance, household insurance or drone insurance. After all, you should not do without German insurance even during your stay abroad.

Are there any providers at all that insure Germans abroad? YES! And even a really good insurance.
All you have to do is provide a German contact address so that the insurance company can reach you. Another reason is that otherwise the insurance company would have to pay extra taxes in Cyprus. A residence in Germany is not required.

In foreign countries such as Cyprus, apartments and houses are often furnished. It is not uncommon to damage other people's property relatively quickly. Here Cypriots are not exactly squeamish. Quickly high prices are estimated for equipment and furniture. Here a good insurance is recommended, which protects you and your animals against high costs.

Private liability abroad

Home protection abroad

from 35 € / year

No matter if 65 or 295 m² living space - we always insure your home abroad with a sum insured of 500,000 euros. Glass, burglary, theft from the car or forces of nature. With our home contents insurance you are optimally covered. 

Expat Liability Premium 

from 72,00 € / year

Damage caused by moving, damage to your property in Cyprus, damage to rented property, water damage or loss of keys: the premium liability insurance offers you all-round protection from just €72.00 per year. 

Household Expats & Emigrants

Dog liability abroad

Drones insurance abroad

from 35 € / year

Worldwide protection for the use of your drone, even for part-time activities. Protect yourself and others with drone insurance. Whether you live in Cyprus or are on the road in Germany. 

Dog liability in Cyprus

from 69,00 € / year

Fully-fledged dog liability insurance with 50 million Euro Best Protection Guarantee! As a dog owner, you are liable for all damage caused by your dog. It does not always depend on the fault of the dog owner (fault liability). The mere fact that you keep a dog establishes the dog owner's liability (strict liability).

Drones Insurance Cyprus

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Health insurance abroad

Health insurance abroad for expats & emigrants

Health insurance abroad

In addition to liability insurance, private international health insurance is even more important. Because private services can be very expensive abroad.

With our big insurance comparison you will find the best health insurance for you as an expatriate abroad. Benefit from numerous special conditions and advantages.

To the health insurance comparison

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