Buy cars safely in Cyprus

We show you what to look for when buying a car in Cyprus, and which models are most in demand in Cyprus.

Car purchase Cyprus

Buying a car in Cyprus

How to buy cars in Cyprus?

A good, off-road and above all safe car is very important in Cyprus. Only with a safe car you can explore the island and all its beauty all year round. Is it possible to buy used cars in Cyprus? Or should one choose car dealers in Cyprus?

Unfortunately, there are many private and also commercial sellers who like to cover up previous damage, pending repairs on the car or even high mileage. Here you should be careful! We show you how you can avoid the biggest mistakes when buying a car in Cyprus, and which providers have already been extensively tested by ourselves!

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Mileage Cyprus

Lack of guarantee in Cyprus

If you buy a car from a private seller, or even from some commercial sellers, there is no warranty and the car is bought as seen. Here you are left alone with all the problems. We have already tested two car dealerships in the Paphos area and bought three cars, which offered uncompromising warranty on all vehicles. Both providers even offer much more than the legal used car warranty, so that you partly, and depending on the purchase, get a warranty on all parts of the vehicle. 

Changed mileage

It is unfortunately very easy to change mileage nowadays. Most cars come as export vehicles from England (sometimes also Japan, because of left-hand traffic), which is why the former owner cannot be found. So take a closer look at the wear of the steering wheel and the accelerator pedal. Divide the mileage by the age of the vehicle. A mileage of 12,000 to 25,000 kilometers per year is realistic. You can already detect mileage with a diagnostic device

Warranty Cyprus

The most popular car brands in Cyprus

If you are smart, you buy a vehicle in Cyprus, which is very popular. Because then the resale after use is much easier. According to Bazaraki, the models shown on the right are most in demand and also in use.

My choice at the time therefore fell on a Mercedes ML 250. An off-road SUV. The Mercedes brand is the most popular in Cyprus. At these dealers you get directly 150 € discount.

Mercedes Benz








Car dealer in Cyprus

We can absolutely recommend the following car dealerships based on several purchases:

Pan Motors Paphos

Recommendation 1:
Pan Motors LTD, Paphos

When we emigrated to Cyprus in 2019, we bought our first Mercedes ML here. Since we were so thrilled with the handling and service, we bought another car just half a year later.

Pan Motors sells used luxury cars, so they are in the higher price segment. But in return, the quality, performance and warranty are right. Pan Motors offers 1 year warranty when buying a used car.

Spare mit uns beim Kauf eines Autos. Nur gültig mit Gutscheincode

Nicht-Mitglieder: 150 € Rabatt
Mitglieder: 350 € Rabatt

Car dealership Cyprus

Recommendation 2:
VCM Motors, Paphos

Then in 2021 I looked around for another vehicle, a Mercedes GLS. VCM Motors was the only supplier that offered this luxury SUV at a very good price. He accepted my Mercedes ML at a very good price so we manufactured a vehicle swap. He gave me a one year unlimited warranty on the new vehicle.

Spare mit uns beim Kauf eines Autos. Nur gültig mit Gutscheincode

150 € Rabatt
Mitglieder: 350 € Rabatt

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