Shipping to Cyprus?

Are there online stores that ship to Cyprus? YES! There are.
And we have created a whole list from them!

Online stores that ship to Cyprus

Shipping from Germany to Cyprus is very expensive due to the distance and connections by plane or ferry. After changing the EU rule for online stores since 01 July 2021, there are hardly any online stores that deliver goods from Germany to Cyprus. This is very unfortunate and problematic, because many products, especially electronics and products for children, are very expensive on the island.

Nevertheless, our team at ZYPERN.LTD has done the work to list a whole table of German online stores that deliver directly to Cyprus. If the order is placed on your Limited, you can even receive goods net on the basis of an intra-Community delivery!

We have found the following categories:

  • Store for sound equipment
  • Store for electrical appliances, televisions, laptops, cell phones
  • Store for gluten-free and organic products
  • Store for strollers, pampers & baby supplies
  • Store for pool and garden products
  • Store for food and sweets
  • American food store

In the following examples, you will find out how much we were able to save by comparing prices and that it was worth ordering items from Germany to Cyprus instead of buying locally. The whole list of all online stores will be extended regularly and is only accessible for members !

Pool Cyprus
Whirlpool Cyprus

634 Euro

SPONSORED !            

Bestway Jacuzzi Lazy Spa Hawaii

At SUPERHOME Cyprus this whirlpool costs 1344.52 euros net, but was also not in stock. In this German online store we got the same item including shipping to Cyprus for only 710.00 euros net. 


Pool Cyprus
Kärcher Cyprus

93 euros

SPONSORED !            

Kärcher K7 Premium Set

At SUPERHOME Cyprus, this Kärcher costs 504.19 euros net, but was also out of stock. In this German online store, we got the same item including shipping to Cyprus for only 410.50 euros net. 



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