This is what you might miss in Cyprus

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First of all, you will miss your family, because every emigration to another country also means that you have to leave parts of your family behind in Germany. Some reassurance comes from the option of visiting, hardly any of your family will be able to turn down a short vacation on a Mediterranean island with an expectant local like you.

Cyprus offers two airports, we have listed the entire route network in the members area. Cyprus is therefore especially suitable for people who have never emigrated before, as the proximity to Germany and Austria is only a few hours flight.

Family Cyprus

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Known food

Of course - if you emigrate to Cyprus, you will find mainly Cypriot cuisine, and no German dishes, such as the popular Currywurst! During the vacation, a change over a few weeks is no problem, but will you be able to resist the temptation in the long run? ;-)

We have listed online stores in the members area that deliver German food to Cyprus!

We also offer our members our exclusive Paphos Living Guide, which lists all our favorites.

Curry sausage in Cyprus

Perfect service

On the one hand, as a customer in Cyprus, you are still truly king, but on the other hand, many suppliers simply can't do any better. So it can happen that a new air conditioner does not work properly directly after installation, or something is promised that is not kept. Also exchange right and warranty is written gladly by each individual.

In our big Germany-Cyprus comparison we show all the advantages and disadvantages.

Service in Cyprus

Insulated living space

More than 35 degrees in the building in summer, less than 15 degrees in winter - this is quite common in Cyprus. Most houses have little or no insulation. Therefore it is very important to find the right property and to pay attention to some things. In our members area we give you all the tips you need. Watch our video about house inspection in Cyprus.

Cyprus winter

Ordered today, tomorrow ...

... in no case delivered! The usual PRIME deliveries for all necessities you have to get out of the habit very quickly. Because even a direct shipment to Cyprus takes several days, sometimes even several weeks!

In our members area you can find out everything about delivery alternatives!

Delivery to Cyprus
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