Hiking in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the tax havens of Europe - but
offers not only enormous tax advantages, but also an interesting nature.

Hiking in Cyprus

Stunning forests and mountains in Cyprus

Cyprus is a great place for hiking. Even in the summer months you can find shady forests and paths for a long walk, you just have to look for them!

In Cyprus there is the Troodos Mountains with almost 2000 meters of altitude and the adjacent Paphos Forest, which is full of green vegetation and river courses.

Also, if you are looking for waterfalls in Cyprus, you will get your money's worth: over 10 waterfalls are waiting to be climbed and conquered! Jump into the middle of the ice cold water during the hot summer days - refreshment guaranteed.

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Cyprus - a paradise for hikers and nature lovers

Cyprus is not only interesting for hikers and nature lovers in the cooler winter months, around December to March. Even in summer, if you are mobile, you can find shady forests with river courses, waterfalls and springs. Moreover, everywhere in Cyprus you can admire numerous reservoirs that serve as water reservoirs. Sometimes old, abandoned ruined villages line the shore, abandoned long ago by Cypriots.

There are interesting things to discover. For example, the Calledonian Waterfalls offer three of their kind in close proximity, in the high Troodos Mountains. After a beautiful walk, taverns and cafes invite you to linger.
Tip: on the way back stop at Platres Choclate Workshop and enjoy delicious homemade chocolate pralines with chili or honey.

Cyprus winter sports

Winter sports in the Mediterranean

A real highlight makes itself felt in winter. Depending on the season, in February and March you can actually ski and snowboard on the slopes of the Troodos Mountains! The approximately 2000 meters high mountain offers a specially created slope with lift for this purpose. 

There is a rental shop right on the spot, as well as some small "alpine huts" where you can stop and enjoy souvlaki or gyros. Who would have thought that Cyprus is so diverse? 

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