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Find the right tax advisor in Cyprus for your limited company

After you have already completed Part I and Part II of our guide, you should - once back in Germany - not dwell too long and take care of the bureaucratic tasks for your future Cyprus Limited and your new life in Cyprus. The most important thing in advance: set yourself a fixed date in which you want to emigrate. Only in this way can you plan correctly. Use our tax advisor comparison on this page and get in contact with the firms. You can often recognize the right tax advisor in Cyprus by the speed of response and accessibility, as well as the cost structure and his interest in you as a client. The calculation based on the number of bookings is common, but should be carefully calculated.

Tax consultant Cyprus

What should you look for in a tax advisor in Cyprus?

So that you do not like many acquaintances of us on high additional costs and surprises, you should choose your tax advisor in Cyprus carefully.

  • Look for transparent price lists!
  • Don't take the first rankings on Google right away
  • German communication / website does not have to be
  • Good accessibility is important!
  • The tax advisor does not have to be in the same city!
  • A virtual office is recommended

We have published all tips and tricks and recommend you tested and safe partners for a limited company formation in Cyprus. As a small bonus, only our members receive a discount of 100,00 € on the company formation in Cyprus as well as a free initial consultation with our tax advisor from Larnaca.

Our tax advisor from Cyprus also enables you to establish a Limited company from Germany. Thus, you can fully concentrate on your move to Cyprus, and tackle all the other planning that we have listed in the portal. Our portal is already used by over 180 active members, and we provide new updates on a weekly basis. Do you want to see what our portal contains among other things? Here you can find a small preview of our Cyprus Limited Portal.

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Specialized in Expats & Emigrants from the DACH - Region

ZYPERN.LTD's tax advisor office is specialized for expatriates who want to establish their Limited in Cyprus and obtain the Non-Dom status. With absolute diligence and highest priority, all applications and formalities will be handled for you by our firm.

The portal access is not linked to the tax consultancy. This means that you do not have to be a member to incorporate with us. It also means that you can become a member even if you have founded with another tax firm in Cyprus.

However, as a member you will receive an instant discount of €100 on the formation cost of your Limited, plus the express service so that you receive Yellow Slip, Non Dom and GESY as soon as possible. Our initial consultation is completely free of charge and without obligation, unlike some other tax advisors. Use the button to get in contact with us!

Tax consultant Cyprus

Tax advisor in Cyprus: more than 25 employees are there for you.

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Beware of Cyprus tax advisor without license

Yes, in fact, as in the real estate sector or health insurance sector, there are consultants who do not have a license and are not licensed at all. Especially some German speaking tax consultants in the region of Paphos sell themselves as such, but then pass on all orders to Cypriot tax consultants.

Our tax advisors and tax offices listed in the comparison are all certified and licensed.

Virtual Office Paphos Larnaca

Virtual office in Larnaca or Paphos

Cyprus virtual company address

All tax consultants from Cyprus in our comparison offer a virtual office. This means that you can legally obtain a representative company address in Cyprus via the tax advisor. The advantage: You do not have to publish your private address in Cyprus anywhere and receive incoming mail digitally via scan.

Use our comparison, because some providers offer a high added value such as your own office space, catering, cleaning and equipment on site !

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