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The largest portal for emigrants in Cyprus and worldwide
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Whoever is interested in taking over this large information portal including advertising revenue, members and all sales, can purchase our portal for a fixed price.

The portal is ready for immediate takeover - a paymentwall in own development including PayPal and Stripe are of course available. The software for editing the websites is provided. The annual use costs are here with approx. 100 € and must be acquired separately. Monthly advertising and commission income in addition to the normal membership income.

Since 2020, this portal was created with enormous effort, and maintained weekly. YouTube videos have been shot, tutorials and forms have been created, complex calculation tools have been created and SEO work has been done through increased effort, so that this portal is very well listed. The portal is fully available in English and German.

The buyer takes over the entire portal and generates passive income immediately. We distinguish between two packages in the selling price: TAKEOVER FROM NOW means that you take over all generated sales from the moment you take over the portal. Means: ongoing commissions for older health insurance contracts will continue to be paid to us. With the TOTALLY EXIST package, you receive all future sales, including old contracts, some of which have already existed since 2020.

Included partners are: Adsense, Check24, Financeads, DKB, ExpressVPN, Amazon Affiliate Links, BDAE; Passportcard and many more.

Thanks to the simple software and our documentation you can easily add new content and pages, both for the public area and for the protected member area. The membership price can be changed in a few seconds, coupons can be added and also the payment interface can be edited.

85.000 €


110.000 €


Public landing page

All advertising revenue (Google Adsense, etc.)

Access to the website editor including all project files

Logo and graphics rights

Facebook group with approx. 1,400 members

Protected member area (70+ pages) incl. images, forms, texts, etc.

All customer and interest data

Domains incl. high quality backlinks with guest contributions (,,, etc.)

Additional domains,,,

Ongoing commission transfer health insurance (new contracts from purchase)

Continuous commission transfer health insurance(all contracts from 2020)

All prices are net excl. annual webbuilder license and domain transfer costs. Excluding translation tool and external plugins.

You want to take over the portal? 

Dann trete mit uns in Kontakt. Da dies ein Herzensprojekt von unserer Seite her ist, schauen wir uns jeden Interessenten ganz genau an - da uns eine verantwortungsvolle Übernahme sehr wichtig ist. Verpflichtend ist, dass der Mitgliederbereich weiter fortgeführt wird, da alle Mitglieder einen Lifetime-Zugang besitzen. 

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