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When we emigrated to Cyprus in 2019, we were told that only pensioners would live in Paphos and nothing would be going on. In our 2019 vacation, we then took a close look at Paphos, and immediately fell in love. Paphos offers not only its own airport, which is currently cheap with Ryanair from Cologne, but also a harbor promenade, a large mall, a beautiful old town and especially a lot of nature!

The nature reserve AKAMAS is only a few meters away, and offers over 70 square kilometers of dream beaches and opportunities for hiking or buggy driving. We feel super comfortable here for over 2 years. Since this time more and more emigrants come to Paphos. And also many friends who previously lived in Larnaca move to Paphos and are thrilled.

Since 2022, rental prices in Cyprus have been rising enormously. There are many reasons for this - on the one hand it is due to the growing inflation, and the cost of living in Cyprus, which has risen up to 30%, on the other hand it is due to numerous foreigners who, due to the current situation, can only rent and not buy (money transfer, SWIFT restriction). If a house with three rooms and pool in 2020 still cost about 950 to 1400 euros, most are now asking 1800 to 2500 euros. You can say that real estate prices have doubled throughout Cyprus in the last two to three years.

Cyprus houses mold

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At that time, we had this moisture meter with us at every inspection and could thus already see into the walls of each property by measuring the moisture. A value of 20 to 30 percent is fine. Anything above that means: damp walls and keep your distance!

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