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Real Estate Market in Cyprus during the Corona Crisis

Real estate in Cyprus - a hot topic

Especially those who want to buy a property in Cyprus should be careful. The advertised prices are significantly above the actual value, not infrequently prices are negotiable up to 40%. Much is concealed, and it is gladly, even in CORONA times in Cyprus, made pressure. We have meanwhile visited over 75 properties in the Paphos area, and never was a property offered at a reasonable price. Damp spots were gladly covered up or played down, sometimes we were shown properties that were not for sale at all, and which were only looked after and renovated by acquaintances of the estate agents. Who is sensitive or becomes, and on some important points attention gives, can possibly nevertheless a bargain seize.

Up-to-date in the Corona time investors from the foreign country, like Russians or Chinese, are missing, who do not receive by the purchase of a real estate any more Cyprus papers, but nevertheless a second domicile with a residence permit and free journeys in completely Europe.

Likewise many tourists are missing, who animate the real estate market and fall on the overpriced housing offers in. Cyprus has no shortage of housing - and therefore does not offer a safe and value-added investment opportunity like Germany. If you go for a walk in Cyprus, you will quickly notice that there is construction on all corners - but these buildings are all empty. Therefore: do not be deceived by a palm garden or sea view. Use our experience and know-how, so that you save real money when looking for real estate.

How we came to a 3-room villa with sauna, pool, panoramic sea view and large garden in the Paphos area and pay only 750, - € monthly rent, we also tell you in the full article .

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When to look for real estate in Cyprus?

Those looking for real estate in Cyprus in the wrong month often pay three times as much

In fact, it makes a huge difference when you search for properties in Cyprus. In the high season, many owners start to advertise their properties on Airbnb by the week. The rush of tourists from all over the world is now too great. And many entrepreneurs also come naturally in the summer months to take a closer look at the island. In addition, there is the currently explosive situation with Ukraine. While Russians can no longer easily or hardly buy real estate, these now simply rent properties, and thus let the rental price in Cyprus hit the roof.

The best time to look for a property to rent in Cyprus is between November and March. In these months there are significantly fewer tourists and the chance to rent out your property for a longer period of time sounds more interesting to many homeowners.

Our tip: become a member before your first vacation in Cyprus and follow our step-by-step guide to get along ideally in Cyprus and to detect high cost traps in the real estate sector and during the establishment of your Limited with us. We will not only show you where to find the best and cheapest properties, but also what to look out for during an inspection and how you can easily negotiate down rental prices in Cyprus. 

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You will often be contacted directly in person on Facebook when you ask about real estate in German-speaking or other Facebook groups. Be careful! There are some, even older, German couples from the Paphos/Polis region, who advertise real estate for up to 500 € more per month than it is actually provided. They then put this money in their pockets. So be careful! In general, we have not yet met a real estate agent who could work magic and offered us properties that we had not previously discovered online ourselves.

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