Initial consultation

Law Firm Talk

49 €

Preise zzgl. 19% UST

  • Consultation with our office
  • Conversation is in English
  • Via e-mail, WhatsApp or Zoom
  • Here you can ask all questions about legal matters, company formation and tax advice.

169 €

( 1 Stunde ) plus Gratis Kanzlei Gespräch
Preise zzgl. 19% UST

  • Consultation with the founder of this portal
  • Conversation takes place in German
  • Via Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom or in person in Paphos
  • Instructions
  • Here you can ask all questions about Cyprus, emigration, health insurance, and much more. 
  • + GRATIS Gespräch mit unserer Kanzlei zu Steuerfragen (Wert 69 €)
  • + 10% Rabatt auf Mitgliedschaftspeis
  • You can also become a member and get all questions answered online and save 169 €!

Membership & Foundation

Taster course

0 €

  • Viewing the portal
  • Exclusive tips via email
  • Our personal story
Portal access

377 €

Preise inkl. 19% UST

  • Unlimited portal access
  • More than 75 topics
  • XXL - KV comparison
  • Instructions
  • Company formation also possible at a later date
  • Online mentor for the entire time in Cyprus
All Inclusive

3649 €

Preise zzgl. 19% UST

  • Unlimited portal access
    (value: 277 €)
  • Mehr als 80 Themen
  • XXL - KV comparison
  • Instructions
  • Online mentor for the entire time in Cyprus
  • Inkl. Limited Gründung in 2 Wochen (Wert: 2.850 €)
  • Incl. NON Dom
  • TAX & VAT registration
  • Personal tax number
  • Social security
  • Grandiose tax consultant
  • Direct Whatsapp contact with the tax consultant
  • 60 Min. Call mit dem Gründer von Zypern.LTD (Wert: 169 €)
  • Call mit Seuerkanzlei (Wert 49€)
  • Express application (value: 299 €)
  • 1x Yellow Slip (Wert 350 €)
  • Du sparst insgesamt 300 €

+ 19% UST. Falls ihr eine VAT ID habt, erhaltet ihr die USt. auf die Portalkosten zurück
Ausgenommen Gründungsgebühren, hier fallen 19% CY Vat an, die ihr bei eurer zukünftigen Limited
absetzen könnt. 

Download your personal

Tax optimizer


After purchasing our mini e-booklet you will be familiar with the foreign terms and have a checklist.  


Price: 29,95 € 

Digital purchase of 9 pages and 2122 words. Exchanges excluded. Do not close payment window until the end. Image not representative.

Our tariffs explained

You will get a first insight into what you can expect in our portal and we will go through the entire portal together in our exclusive video.

In addition, you will get an insight into our personal story and the history behind the creation of this portal.

You will become a full member with unlimited access to our large portal about emigration from Germany to Cyprus and the establishment of a Limited in Cyprus, with exclusive tax benefits. With our help, you can easily and safely do many things yourself.

We are constantly expanding our expertise in the portal, so you can always benefit from it. Of course, you can still decide later to found a limited company through our expert advisor and enjoy the same advantages as we do. 

The All-Inclusive Package has been newly developed by our team and is designed to relieve you of all worries regarding the Limited. The office of our tax advisor founds your Limited with you and takes care of all applications and formalities.

Even special pitfalls can be solved - and you have daily contact via Whatsapp, e-mail or telephone to the managing director.

+ Portal access
+ Form Cyprus Limited (fast & safe)
+ XXL health insurance comparison

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