International health insurance and travel insurance for emigrants

If you live abroad and are looking for health insurance for a short stay only, you are well served with a travel health insurance!

Health insurance abroad for emigrants

If you have a good health insurance in your country, but it does not cover you in the rest of the world, you should also take out an international health insurance. This name is a bit misleading, but it is in fact common. A better name would be travel health insurance for expatriates, as it only covers you for a few days a year. 

Looking for international health insurance for expatriates?

As long as you have a fully-fledged health insurance for emigrants worldwide insured throughout the year, we have written a blog post about it here. You can also find our big comparison of international private health insurances here.

Health insurance abroad

Travel health insurance comparison

These overseas health insurance plans can cover you for up to 70 days while traveling abroad. 

Health insurance abroad comparison

Our test winner:
Allianz Travel

Allianz Travel's travel protection products offer comprehensive protection and the right offer for every need. With travel insurance from Allianz Travel, travelers can protect themselves against the financial consequences of claims before, during and after their trip - for example, cancellation costs in the event of illness, the costs of medical treatment abroad or even the loss of luggage.

Health insurance abroad

Why should you buy health insurance abroad?

There are several examples of this. Either you are still living in Germany and are simply looking for a good health insurance that covers you during your trip - or you have emigrated and are looking for an insurance that covers you against accidents and/or COVID19 for your home visit, for example in Germany. 

Tip: Pay attention to the coverage amounts and zones!

The fine print is often where the details are: Choose providers with high coverage amounts and the zone or country where you want to stay during your vacation! If you are asked for a fixed start and end date of your trip, it is better to add a week at the end, so you are also insured if you get flight delays. 

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