Disadvantages for emigrants in Cyprus

Of course, not all that glitters is gold in Cyprus. So, if you emigrate to Cyprus, you will quickly notice that many things are different here. Good that you have us, because we have been living in Cyprus for 3 years and have experienced a lot. In our portal for members we do not only provide solutions for problems, but we are also your personal online guide for your emigration.

We have met a lot of Germans who were ranting about Germany and were convinced that Cyprus is a true paradise and that everything is better here. I am curious about your conclusion, if you have read through this post. 

Before you read: we only write down disadvantages about Cyprus here.
On this page you will find a comparison between Germany and Cyprus. 

Poor quality of construction in Cyprus

All houses in Cyprus are almost non-insulated or poorly insulated. This means for you: in the hot summer months the temperature in the apartment can rise to over 30 degrees, in the cold and wet winter months it can drop to 14 degrees. So you will not avoid high heating and electricity costs.

Even after changing double glazing in our house, there was hardly any difference here. In summer, the heat simply does not escape, despite ventilation and cooling outside. The utility costs in Cyprus are high. 

Cyprus construction

In Cyprus, you do not need to expect German construction quality. Often salt water is mixed into the poorly processed concrete, as this is cheaper. Even larger stones from the beach are incorporated into the concrete to save costs. Cracks and crystals forming as well as damp walls are the order of the day. The mold that develops is often simply painted over provisionally before the start of the rental period. Especially in the hot months, the moisture then comes out of the walls. At that time, we took this moisture meter with us to every apartment inspection, and measured all the walls with it. The real estate agents were amazed, because with this tool you can at least expose damp walls at any time. 

Quality of services in Cyprus

Although many things are quicker and much cheaper in Cyprus, the quality of the work is miserable - there is bungling everywhere, whether in car repairs, the construction of windows or craftsmen's work. Our window specialist had to come seven times already, because the new windows could not be closed or were simply not tight. Four different specialist companies worked on our heating system without really being able to solve the problem. You will have to spend a lot of time and nerves to have problems solved.

In our portal we recommend a German all-round craftsman according to German standards, at least in the Paphos area. 

Quality of services in Cyprus

Just don't expect German thoroughness at work! There is bungling in all areas in Cyprus. Electrical installations are done dangerously, water pipes are badly laid and every, really every service provider leaves his garbage on the spot where he has worked. We had gotten a new carport made of wood. I ended up being able to move the entire carport with my hands. That was normal, I was told. From the same company we had ordered glass panels on the balcony. After checking the installation, we noticed glass cracks and paint stains all over the place, all over the garden. The people in Cyprus don't know and can't do any better! In terms of expectations, you will have to be extremely restrained and see everything more calmly, otherwise you will not be happy here. 

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Be careful when buying a car in Cyprus!

After emigration, a car is needed - but extreme caution is required here. Regardless of whether it is a car, motorcycle or boat - here, too, people screw things up as they please. If you buy a car privately from a Cypriot, you can assume that sooner or later you will have problems. This has been confirmed several times in our circle of friends.

We have listed trustworthy car dealers in Cyprus, at least in the Paphos area, from whom we have bought three times with a one-year warranty and have had no problems whatsoever. However, you will not find cars for less than 10,000 here. Therefore: if you buy privately, have everything checked by a certified dealer workshop!

Particularly borderline are the few online databases where you can find vehicles. Actually, there is only Bazaraki.com or Facebook Marketplace for this. Sometimes vehicles are advertised as "free", or moon prices like "123,456,789 €" are entered. Good photos and descriptions? Missing! "Call me, then we can discuss everything," is the motto. A foreigner? He must have a lot of money - go with your gut feeling and have a vehicle inspected by a real specialist workshop before buying. 

High utility costs in Cyprus? 

Electricity and gas is partly cheaper than in Germany, but the houses and installations are so inefficient that you have to expect significantly higher utility costs in the end. For our 3 room house with pool we pay on average 175 € to 225 € electricity per month. And for water in the summer months up to 150 € per month. The reason: if you have a garden, you have to water it artificially.

A pool loses water daily due to sun and wind, so we have to add water for 5 to 7 minutes every day. A plot of about 900 square meters needs to be watered for about 10 to 20 minutes every day during the summer months. It is also not uncommon for a pipe to break somewhere under the concrete, as the pipes are just simple plastic pipes. The clock then turns at breakneck speed. 

High utility costs in Cyprus?

But defective water meters, as in our case, are not uncommon either. It was only after installing a second water meter and documenting it daily that we found out that the older water meter was running much faster. The pool pumps are often so outdated that they are real power guzzlers. 

High food prices in Cyprus

Still complaining about Germany? Then let me tell you that food is much more expensive in Cyprus. Germany offers almost the lowest food prices in the world. And in addition, the largest selection of organic or vegan products. There are many organic markets in Cyprus, which we have also listed all in our members area. Nevertheless, BIO products are almost twice as expensive here as in Germany. A true luxury good for the rich.

There is a law in Cyprus that imported goods must be more expensive than local ones. Basically a good idea, but here the French cheese is compared with local halloumi - so remember: well-known products from the homeland will cost you much more money.

Food prices Cyprus

Here it should be said: if you buy only local and seasonal products, you can still save - because these are even cheaper than in Germany. This means, for example, vegetables or local meat. Here one should know however that on Cyprus without rules is sprayed, what the stuff holds. So how does it look with the topic of health? 

Road traffic in Cyprus

In Cyprus, you get your car license with extremely little driving experience and even less theory, within a few days. Most people drive unsafely or even excessively. Nearly every driver is on his cell phone while driving, children are often unbuckled and playing around in the car. Speed limits seem to be a pure recommendation, in 30er zones one drives gladly 70, and there where 60 is recommended, also gladly over 100.

Dangerous are the country roads between the places. Especially here, people like to cut corners with 60 km/h too much, so that the oncoming traffic sometimes has no chance at all. 

Road traffic Cyprus

But it is the truck drivers that worry me. I got my truck driver's license in Cyprus. Do you think I had to learn anything about load securing, traffic safety or major technical details? The theory test consisted of asking about four different road signs, and what they meant, before going on to the practice. I myself was already approached by a truck doing 80 in a 50 zone, and cut the narrow road so much that I could only swerve to the left. Often the truck drivers are also on their cell phones and going way too fast.

If you are young and single, you may not care. Of course, you are also forgiven for numerous mistakes on the road, and you also get used to somehow driving the way you want to. The lack of an adrenaline rush on a German vacation made me realize that.

But when you have children for whom you are responsible, you see things a little differently. Once we were driving on the main road, when suddenly from the right side road an older man with his pickup truck steered towards us. He rammed the entire front end. The insurance paid, because I could prove by means of this dashcam that we were not at fault.