Is Cyprus safe? 

Cyprus is statistically the third most peaceful country in Europe between 2016 and 2018.

According to the Global Piece Index, Cyprus 2021 receives a score of 1.9 out of 5. The lower the score, the more "peaceful" the respective country is. Thus, there are two statistics that prove that the island of Cyprus is relatively safe.

Is Cyprus safe?

Some points in detail

Here you can see a statistic from Numbeo in worldwide comparison, which shows you how safe Cyprus is. 

Crime level


Development of crime in the last 3 years


Drug use


Violent crime


Global Piece Index for Cyprus: 

Crime rate Cyprus

Those who live in Cyprus should still upgrade!

The above statistics also support our experience so far since we emigrated to Cyprus. However, you should definitely take some precautions to ensure that your residence in Cyprus remains safe.

The first way to make your home in Cyprus safer is to have surveillance cameras. Due to the numerous sunny days on the island, it is worth buying surveillance cameras with solar technology. Especially the cameras from REOLINK we took from Germany and have been using them for over 6 years. The great and unique thing about these camera models is that they are completely solar powered and work via wifi. Means: you don't have to install any power or network cables in your apartment or house in Cyprus and even have worldwide access to what's happening. With a little trick, you can even use Reolink's cloud solution, which is not actually unlocked for Cyprus or Germany, so even if you remove the camera or SD card, the footage will remain stored.

Cloud solution for Cyprus

This is how you use Reolink's cloud in Cyprus:

The trick is simple, and it works: Reolink's cloud to store all recordings online is not available in Germany or Cyprus. This way you can still use it: 

  • Change the country setting of your smartphone to Israel
  • Download the Reolink app and link it to your cloud account
  • Now you have access to the cloud from the app!

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Recommended security technology for Cyprus

How safe is Cyprus?

Reolink Solar Camera

Works without power or network cables. Full access on the go.

Swivel camera

Swivel camera

This camera can even be swiveled completely so that you get the complete overview. 

Light control Cyprus

Philips Hue System

With HUE, all the lamps in your home can be controlled by timer and smartphone. 

Security in Paphos

Security company Paphos

A security company secures your building and responds to alarms. We can recommend Armstrong Security in Paphos.

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Our security setup in Cyprus

With us it is not worth breaking in, because we have no valuables in Cyprus. This is the best tip you can take. So valuables should not be stored at home. Furthermore, we have a Rottweiler, which is well trained and secures our house ;-)

The whole house is secured with the cameras described above, furthermore we have 24/7 security by the security company Armstrong Security for 365 € per year. They also installed an AJAX alarm system, which works great. In addition, I have installed an ABUS alarm siren to this system. This is not only very loud with 110 dB, but also runs indefinitely on our self-sufficient solar system. With Philips Hue, routines can be created so that lights come on even when you are absent or when you enter the property. With this setup, you are also on Cyprus best possible secured!

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