25 tips for emigration

And how to approach your emigration

The adventure of emigrating holds a wealth of exciting opportunities and new horizons. Whether you're looking for new career opportunities, a lifestyle change, or simply want to explore the world, the decision to emigrate marks a significant step in your life.

But before you pack your bags and plunge into the unknown, it's crucial to prepare yourself for all the aspects that come with such a big move. In this guide, "10 Tips for Emigrants - How to Emigrate the Right Way", we will offer you valuable advice and practical guidance to make your emigration as smooth and successful as possible. From choosing the right health insurance to opening the best checking account, we've got you covered.

Dive into our practical tips for digital nomads and self-employed people to successfully achieve your emigration dream and make the most of your new life abroad!

Tip 1: Where to emigrate?

If you have decided to emigrate, the first question you should ask yourself is where to go. If you already know where you are going, you can skip this step. A small overview should help you with the choice of the emigration country

1.1 Our Tip:

The tax haven Cyprus

Cyprus is considered one of the most popular emigration destinations in Europe in 2023. With only 4 hours flight time, 300 sunny days a year, only 12.5% corporate tax and no taxes on salaries and dividends, it offers excellent conditions for all who want to emigrate.

Emigration Cyprus

Sunny days


1.2 The most popular emigration countries in Europe

The most popular emigration countries in Europe are currently Portugal, Cyprus, Spain, Malta and the Netherlands. Switzerland is also still one of them.


Portugal attracts emigrants with its rich history, Mediterranean lifestyle and economic opportunities. Covering an area of approximately 92,000 km², the country offers a diverse landscape from coastal to mountainous regions. The corporate tax rate for businesses is 21%, making it a competitive business environment. Portugal is characterized by 

its friendly culture, quality health care and excellent gastronomy. The mild climate allows for pleasant outdoor living and various activities throughout the year. Whether for a relaxed lifestyle or professional development, Portugal offers a welcoming environment for expatriates to enjoy the warm atmosphere and rich culture.


Only a few years ago quite unknown among emigrants and vacationers, but today tax paradise and top emigration country is Cyprus, an independent and 9.250 km² large republic in the European Mediterranean Sea. 300 days of sunshine, low tax rates - 12.5% corporate tax (on limited profits), no taxes on salaries (up to 19.500 Euro p. year), dividends and profits from shares as well as a low minimum stay of only 60 days per year.

year make this country a favorite of most emigrants from the DACH region. Our portal was founded to assist emigrants even before emigration, through the company formation and all official procedures up to living in Cyprus. Thereby our large member area offers all necessary forms, tools and expert information, so that our emigrants get a mentor at hand - unlimited in time!


Spain is also very popular due to the short distance to Germany, the mild climate and the diversity. Although there is a non-resident program, the tax burden is then about 24%. Therefore, for some emigrants, depending on the amount of turnover and profit, rather Cyprus is the better choice. 

We would rate Spain slightly below Cyprus in terms of the cost of real estate and food in Spain. However, the language barrier is often given, should you yourself not speak Spanish, but only English. 


Malta attracts expatriates with Mediterranean flair, low corporate tax of 35% for limited companies and over 300 sunny days a year. The compact island of about 316 km² offers an impressive variety, from historic cities to modern companies. The Mediterranean climate invites outdoor activities all year round. 

Whether for start-ups or nature lovers, Malta offers an ideal combination of quality of life and business opportunities in a stunning environment. Due to its small area and only slightly lower taxes, Malta lands third in our ranking of the most popular countries to emigrate to in Europe. You should be able to speak English 


The Netherlands fascinates emigrants with its cultural diversity, stable economy and excellent quality of life. With an area of around 41,500 km², the country offers a rich mix of urban life and natural beauty. Corporate income tax for businesses is 15-25%, depending on profits. The Netherlands is known for its openness to innovation 

and entrepreneurship, making it an attractive location for startups and established companies. The temperate climate allows for all four seasons in pleasant balance. Whether for career opportunities or an enriching lifestyle, the Netherlands offers a welcoming environment for expatriates to immerse themselves in a rich culture while growing professionally.


Switzerland attracts emigrants with its stunning Alpine scenery, economic stability and high quality of life. Covering an area of about 41,300 km², the country offers a perfect balance between urban life and natural beauty. Corporate income tax for companies ranges from 12.04% to 24.16%, depending on the canton. Switzerland is known for its innovation, precision 

and first-class educational institutions, making it a magnet for professionals and entrepreneurs from all over the world. The temperate climate varies by region, allowing both summer and winter sports to be enjoyed. Whether for professional success or an active life in nature, Switzerland offers a welcoming environment for expatriates to experience the best of both worlds.

1.3 The most popular emigration countries worldwide

The most popular emigration countries in Europe are currently Portugal, Cyprus, Spain, Malta and the Netherlands. Switzerland is also still one of them.


Canada attracts emigrants with its breathtaking nature, economic stability and diverse culture. With a vast area of about 9.98 million km², the country offers endless opportunities for discovery. Corporate tax rates for businesses range from 11.5% to 31% depending on the province, with more favorable conditions found in some regions. Canada is known for its 

tolerant society, quality education and innovative spirit, which makes it an ideal place for professionals and families. From mild to cold climates, there is something for everyone. Whether for professional development or nature adventures, Canada offers a welcoming environment for expatriates to realize dreams and experience new adventures. You should be able to speak English 


Australia exerts a strong attraction on emigrants, thanks to its breathtaking coastal scenery, thriving economy and relaxed way of life. With an area of approximately 7.69 million km², the country offers diverse landscapes and habitats. Corporate tax for businesses is 30%, with various incentives and benefits in place. Australia is 

known for its hospitality, high quality of life and world-renowned universities. The diverse climate allows for a variety of activities, from beach excursions to mountain adventures. Whether for career or leisure, Australia offers a welcoming environment for expatriates to enjoy the relaxed culture and adventurous nature. You should be able to speak English


The UAE attracts emigrants with its modern skyline, economic opportunities and cultural diversity. Covering an area of about 83,600 km², the Emirates offer a fascinating mix of tradition and innovation. There is no corporate income tax for businesses in the UAE, making it an attractive destination for business start-ups. The UAE is known for its luxurious lifestyles, high-end 

infrastructure and international atmosphere. The hot desert climate allows for year-round sunshine and various recreational opportunities. Whether for entrepreneurial development or cultural exploration, the UAE offers a welcoming environment for expatriates to immerse themselves in a dynamic world. You should be able to speak English 


New Zealand attracts emigrants with its picturesque landscapes, economic opportunities and relaxed lifestyle. With an area of about 268,000 km², the country offers remarkable natural diversity. The corporate tax rate for businesses is 28%, with various incentives available. New Zealand is known for its friendly culture, quality education and outdoor adventures.

The temperate climate allows for a wide range of activities, from beach trips to mountain hikes. Whether for professional development or nature adventures, New Zealand offers a welcoming environment for expatriates to enjoy the best of both worlds. However, New Zealand is quite far to Europe, thus long flight distances are involved.


The USA exerts a magnetic attraction on emigrants thanks to its cultural diversity, economic opportunities and size. Covering an area of approximately 9.83 million square kilometers, the U.S. offers an enormous range of experiences. Corporate income tax for businesses can vary by state and income. The U.S. is known for its innovation, world-class universities and diverse lifestyles.

The climate varies greatly from region to region, allowing for different activities throughout the year. Whether for career or personal development, the U.S. offers a welcoming environment for expatriates to experience the cultural diversity and economic opportunities. You should be able to speak English 

1.4 The right choice of emigration country

The decision to emigrate to another country is a significant and life-changing choice that should be made carefully and thoughtfully. The diversity of countries, cultures, economies and lifestyles makes choosing the right emigration country a complex task. Here are some important considerations that should play a role in the decision-making process.

01. personal motivation and goals:

Before deciding on an emigration destination, it is crucial to understand one's personal motivations and goals. Does one want better career opportunities, a higher quality of life, cultural diversity or simply a change in one's life? Being clear about these motivations will help to find a country that best suits one's goals.

2. economic factors:

The economic stability and development of the target country play a central role in the selection process. Issues such as labor market opportunities, the tax system, the general economic situation and the price level must be taken into account. A country with strong economic growth and good career opportunities might be more attractive for professionals.

3. cultural adaptation:

Cultural adjustment can be challenging, especially when customs, values and language are very different from home. It is important to consider how well you can integrate into the culture of the emigration country and how comfortable you would feel in that environment.

4th language:

Language is a key factor for communication and integration. If one does not know the language of the destination country, the adjustment could be difficult. Choosing a country whose language you already know or are willing to learn can make the transition easier.

5. quality of life:

Quality of life includes aspects such as the healthcare system, education, environmental quality, safety and social services. Everyone has different priorities, so you should weigh up which factors are particularly important to you.

6. visas and immigration regulations:

Each country has different visa and immigration requirements. One should thoroughly research the requirements and processes for obtaining a visa or residence permit and ensure that one meets the requirements.

7. social network:

The support of friends and family can be invaluable during the emigration process. If one already has contacts or relatives in the destination country, this could make the adjustment easier.

8. political stability:

The political stability of a country can have a direct impact on everyday life. A politically stable country usually provides a safer environment for emigration.

9. tax implications:

The tax implications of emigration can be significant. One should inform oneself about the tax laws of the destination country and possible double taxation agreements in order to avoid financial surprises.

10. long-term plans:

Finally, it is important to consider long-term plans. Does the emigration country fit with long-term personal, professional and family goals?

Choosing a country to emigrate to requires thorough research, an honest self-assessment, and consideration of various factors. It is advisable to seek advice from experts who already have emigration experience and, if necessary, seek professional advice. In the end, the right choice of emigration country is an individual decision based on personal needs and goals and should be carefully weighed to ensure a fulfilling and successful life in the new country.

Tip 2: The right health insurance for emigrants

After the selection of the right emigration country, we now come to the most important part: your health! Here you should save the least financially and secure yourself absolutely in advance of your emigration. Good that you have landed on our site, because we are not only the largest portal for emigrants in Cyprus, but also offer you an extensive health insurance comparison, whose providers are specialized in emigrants, digital nomads and expats!


Actually, you have only two options here: to be insured legally in the respective emigration country, or to be fully privately insured. Both have advantages and disadvantages, whereby the statutory health insurance in your performance and the contribution amount is absolutely dependent on the country and the amount of social security contributions, to which you want to emigrate. A private, international health insurance on the other hand

is mainly based on your age and the country zone in which you will live. We are cheaply insured in Cyprus, by low adjustment of our salary to be paid, and additionally internationally insured - of course with our test winner in comparison, which we list below. 

2.2 Health care system abroad

We have gained some experience through a birth abroad, and of course some hospital stays and doctor visits in the last three years. Of course, we can only report on our experiences in Cyprus, but the conditions are the same in most European, southern countries, and on the other hand, the medical care, at least from the quality factor, in Germany already unrivaled good.

Through our double insurance, we have been doing very well so far - so normal doctor visits, checkups and minor cases are covered by the statutory GESY system in Cyprus, and without co-payment (except for the normal social security contributions - how to reduce these to a minimum, and much more, we tell you in our members area).

But now we come to the bigger things, which hopefully will rarely happen to all of us, but do occur. Meant are hospitalizations, surgeries, emergencies. Here I was a few times in the state hospital in Cyprus, fortunately only as an escort - but I would not like to be operated here or arrive as an emergency. The building and its facilities are dilapidated and visibly unclean. Waiting times are enormous, and operations or the performance of births extremely old-fashioned.

Thanks to our private health insurance, we have been able to choose a private hospital ourselves several times, where the conditions are similar to a German hospital, due to free choice of doctors and hospitals. And even cost-intensive dental treatments, such as a bridge or crown, I was able to have done at my preferred dentist in Germany, where I only had to pay 10% myself. With the compulsory use of the public health system and the voluntary private health insurance, we are therefore perfectly insured in our country of emigration, in Germany and worldwide for further trips.

So we are as a family with two adults and one child for 233,00 € per month legally health insured in Cyprus. For another 422,15 € per month we are also privately insured worldwide in the highest tariff with 500 € deductible. Including a single room and 90% coverage of all dental treatments. This may sound a lot, but in Germany I have paid - and only for me alone - almost 900.00 € for the statutory health insurance, while I could only use low benefits.

With our construct, which you can use yourself via the following buttons, we are extremely well covered as a family of three with a total of 655.15 € per month, no matter where we are.

2.3 Health insurance comparison abroad

In the following, we have compiled the benefits of the three best health insurances for expatriates abroad. We recommend that you do not view this comparison on your cell phone. All insurances have been checked by us and the respective buttons will take you directly to the online calculation including all discounts:

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Our tip: Video on the subject of health insurance for emigrants

I have produced a one-hour video for you on this topic, which once again explains all the advantages. 
Health insurance abroad as an emigrant

Tip 3: Current accounts and business accounts for expatriates

Another important point is a safe and internationally usable place for your finances: the right current account and business account for expatriates! Here you should be partly cautious of local banks: especially abroad, the fees and also the bureaucracy are very high. In Cyprus, for example, I am so far not aware of any bank where I would invest my money cheaply and, above all, safely.

We emigrated in 2019 and can therefore report on this period of experience. The best accounts for emigrants we present here now, and also which credit card you should use for your business AND private.

Current account for expatriates

Our tip: free current account for emigrants

The best account for expatriates is a current account with DKB. It is not only completely free of charge, but also offers free cash withdrawals worldwide and numerous insurance extras that you can also use abroad.

You should open the account free of charge in your home country. After your emigration you deposit your address abroad and are then considered a non-resident for tax purposes (What advantages this offers, we explain in the members area)

On the day of writing this article, DKB also offers a whole 3.5% interest on the free call money account.

Private account emigrant abroad

Also recommended: free multi-currency account

With this account you get a free private account that allows you to send and receive payments worldwide. Very fair in terms of fees, exchanges and cashback. 

Current account for expatriates

Alternative current account for emigrants

Also strongly trending is an account with Revolut. Especially abroad, we are asked again and again for smaller amounts of money if we do not have Revolut - the transfer between customers is particularly easy, but the account is not free of charge.

+ Free transfers in 26 currencies
+ Free card transactions in over 130 currencies
+ Free Maestro or VISA card

You can test the premium version of the account for 3 months free of charge via the following link:

3.3 The best business account for expatriates

In addition to the current accounts mentioned above, which you should open as we did, by the way, both of them, we now come to the topic of business accounts for expatriates and entrepreneurs abroad.

Also, or especially here, the above also applies: local business accounts are expensive abroad! In addition, there is a lot of scrutiny - even the smallest dividend payments or cash receipts from your customers have to be randomly verified, with many documents and lost time that you have to spend on this.

We use only one business account for our Limited in Cyprus, and this is now also completely free of charge. On the contrary, we receive about 50 to 100 € cashback on our account every month, for the interest on the current balance. The best thing about it: transfers work super fast - the recipient is informed by e-mail, and you get a real-time information in how many minutes or hours the money will be available on the other account.

The full-fledged business account with Belgian IBAN comes with a credit card, of course. We list other interesting business accounts in our members area.

Business account for expatriates

Our tip: free business account for expatriates

It is not only THE multi-currency account, but also offers ultra-fast transfers worldwide and cashback on your balance. The English IBAN has been well received by our nearly 5,800 customers so far, and the connection with PayPal, Stripe or even payments from Germany by direct debit are no problem.

Credit card for emigrants

The best credit card for expatriates

For us, the best credit card for personal and business purposes is this provider. Here you can earn 1 mile per transaction with the golden credit card and receive extensive offers and insurance extras.

It is best to apply for this credit card in Germany. Later you can simply change the billing account to the WISE account. This is how it works for our Limited abroad. 

Business account for expatriates

Revolut Business Account

Popular with many due to the enormous extras and additional services. In addition to a WISE account, we recommend a backup account with REVOLUT for your company abroad. 

4. tip: liability insurance for emigrants

Hopefully, you have already booked your vacation in your desired country, have quotes from the best health insurance companies and have a plan for which accounts you can use abroad as an expatriate.

Now let's move on to the topic of liability insurance. I know, we in Germany are overinsured - therefore I would never offer you one of the questionable additional insurances, which you might have in your home country. A not to be underestimated, and maybe the only additional insurance, is the liability insurance. Because as a tenant abroad or if you emigrate with your dog, for example, such an insurance is worth its weight in gold. To find an insurer from Germany, who also insures expatriates abroad, is almost impossible. Nevertheless, we have a cooperation for you!

IMPORTANT: when applying, you must provide a German postal address, but the processing, even abroad, is completely digital .

Private liability abroad

Home protection abroad

No matter if 65 or 295 m² living space - we always insure your home abroad with a sum insured of 500,000 euros. Glass, burglary, theft from the car or forces of nature. With our home contents insurance you are optimally covered. 

Expat Liability Premium 

Damage caused by moving, damage to your property in Cyprus, damage to rented property, water damage or loss of keys: the premium liability insurance offers you all-round protection from just €72.00 per year. 

Household Expats & Emigrants
Dog liability abroad

Drones insurance abroad

Worldwide protection for the use of your drone, even for part-time activities. Protect yourself and others with drone insurance. Whether you live in Cyprus or are on the road in Germany. 

Dog liability in Cyprus

Fully-fledged dog liability insurance with 50 million Euro Best Protection Guarantee! As a dog owner, you are liable for all damage caused by your dog. It does not always depend on the fault of the dog owner (fault liability). The mere fact that you keep a dog establishes the dog owner's liability (strict liability).

Drones Insurance Cyprus

Tip 5: Plan emigration correctly

Now you should have the most important points done or at least in planning. Let's move on to the proper planning of your emigration and what you should consider. If you want to emigrate to Cyprus, we recommend you to become a member of our portal - because with this access, which is paid only once, you get unlimited access to all expert tips, forms and videos. For more than a year, I have deposited all my official procedures, experiences and tips on the subject of emigrating to Cyprus there.

5.1 Find the best flight connections

A great site, if you don't know it yet, to find direct flights and flight connections worldwide is the website www.flightconnections.com - There you can enter the airport of your emigration country, and then see from where you can fly directly to anywhere in the world. I would not book here, but directly via the airline websites or via www.google.com/flights .

5.2 Exploring the destination country in advance on vacation

The easiest way to find out which country is the most suitable for you and your emigration is to book a two-week vacation there and explore the surrounding area - or in the case of an island - the entire island with a rental car, and gather as many impressions as possible during your stay in the emigration country.

Use this time on site also to search and visit exemplary properties. To check whether the property is dry, we recommend this moisture meter, which you can easily carry in your luggage.

You should also meet with various tax advisors on site - to discuss the process and the costs of setting up a company. If you should decide for Cyprus, we recommend this tax consultant. A Establishment of the Limited is possible at a fixed price and (only with us!) already from your home country, for example, if you have decided to come to Cyprus after your vacation and do not want to visit the country again for the foundation.

Besides a vacation with personal impressions and your gut feeling, you should also keep the distance to your home country in mind - because after three years of emigration we know that the proximity to the home country and the family is very important. For example, if you have to visit your family regularly, if you still have to go to the authorities, or if you simply want to Products from home missing. If you choose a nearby country, such as Cyprus, you can still store using Amazon Business and other online stores, all of which we have in the Members area have deposited, continue to purchase medicine and products. 

The language barrier is also crucial. If you do not speak Spanish or Portuguese, some countries will not be included. Then you should limit yourself to the countries whose citizens and authorities are predominantly proficient in English. These include in the raking from 1 to 5: 

1. USA
2. canada
3. australia
4. cyprus
5. malta 

The best way to book your expedition is right here:

5.3 Rental car search for expatriates

You should definitely book a rental car during your exploration in order to see the entire environment without any problems. We recommend you to make the booking through the following mask, because the prices are cheapest here and there is even a price guarantee.

Forwarding request

5.4 Do not forget to send a forwarding request!

A very important factor is that you will continue to receive important mail even if you have emigrated and are already living abroad. This is especially useful for those who had a business in Germany or another home country. In our case, we continued to receive important mail for up to two years after emigration.

Therefore, after you have deregistered your business and residence in your home country (you can find out what you need to do in our member area), you should definitely submit a forwarding request to the post office online. This is possible in the European area. I recommend to create this forwarding request for 24 months and to create a reminder for the renewal in your calendar. You can enter several names, so that you probably also receive the mail for the company name and partner name.