German current account for emigrants in Cyprus

How to emigrate to Cyprus and still keep a free German bank account. 


Private, German bank account in Cyprus

Who hasn't experienced this - you are abroad, want to withdraw money and pay high fees to your house bank and sometimes to the respective ATM provider. Fortunately, these times are over.

When we emigrated to Cyprus in 2019, we opened our accounts with DKB beforehand - because here, cash withdrawal is free of charge worldwide, and thus also in Cyprus. Whenever I need cash, and see long lines at banks in Cyprus (because it's first of the month again ...), I just look for a bank where the line is shorter. Whether this is due to high fees, I do not care.

Because at any bank in Cyprus with the free DKB credit card withdrawal is free, up to € 1,000 per day!

Why we chose DKB:

  1. Account management is free of charge. You only need to show monthly cash receipts of at least €750. This is also the perfect salary amount that we recommend for a limited company in Cyprus. 
  2. You will receive a free VISA credit card with your account, which you can easily top up in real time. With it you can also withdraw money free of charge in Cyprus and all other countries in the world.
  3. We were also taken with the DKB Broker Depot. The handling is easy, and with non-dom status you are listed as a tax non-resident at DKB, so that all profits from deposits, shares and funds are tax-free! In our portal we explain the procedure to you once again piece by piece.
Focus Money - Test winner current account 2019


Permanently free of charge, with credit card.

An account with DKB is permanently free of charge, you can withdraw up to € 1,000 daily from any ATM in Cyprus and receive a free DKB securities account on request.

For German and Austrian emigrants.

Other current account providers in comparison

Here you can find more cheap banks for current accounts.

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Business account for a limited

You also need a reputable and inexpensive business account for your limited company. You can search for a long time in Cyprus. The banks are very expensive, the applications take a long time and it is not uncommon that entire accounts are frozen until they are verified. Also, a full credit card for your business expenses is almost impossible to obtain with a Cyprus Limited.

However, we have discovered and partially negotiated over 5 international alternatives so that you can get a modern and secure bank account for your business! The solutions are only available in our protected member area, which you can activate immediately. 

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We are Silvana and Jan and emigrated to Cyprus in 2019 to collect new impressions, enjoy the weather and save taxes. After quite a few downfalls and cost traps, we have created the largest portal for emigrants in Cyprus after one year with full heart and soul.

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