Credit card for a Limited in Cyprus

Paying for Google Adwords, booking a rental car for a business trip or paying other debts online. This is how you know it as an entrepreneur from your home country. But if you move to Cyprus to save taxes, you will find that most banks will give you a hard time. No affordable credit card for your Limited.

However, for some accounts, like Google Adwords, TV apps, etc., a credit card is a must. We did our research and negotiated a lot. In the end, we have the following setup, which we have been using in Cyprus since 2019: 

Full-fledged Mastercard Gold Business with travel insurance and one mile per one euro turnover

  1. Mastercard Gold Business for €9.16 per month. One of the best mileage programs available. 
  2. Premium insurance services and German support included
  3. 20,000 bonus miles welcome bonus plus 5,000 bonus miles for the first 2,000 euros total turnover 

Corporate Credit Card Cyprus



✓ High-quality Mastercard credit card
✓ One euro turnover = One mile
✓ Accumulated miles can be redeemed anywhere

For German and Austrian expatriates .

Germany credit card



✓ No fee for withdrawals2
✓ No fee when paying in the EEA area
✓ International travel health insurance
✓ Travel cancellation and interruption insurance
✓ Google Pay and Apple Pay
✓ Digital application with Videoident possible

For German and Austrian emigrants.

Application did not work?

If your first application is not accepted right away, don't worry. In our members area we have created a complete guide to help you design the application in the safest way possible, so that rejection is extremely unlikely. For our members we have also negotiated special conditions in the examination department.

As a member you benefit from our enormous experience and get all the setups that we as entrepreneurs have been using for years and with complete satisfaction. So you will not only get the best business solutions, but a mentor for the whole time you are in Cyprus! Another option would be the Amazon PRIME Visa Card

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Other credit card providers

Here you can find a comparison of all other credit card providers. 

Bank Account Cyprus Limited

Business account for a limited?

Since WISE does not currently accept customers from Cyprus, this provider is the right solution for you! 

Tax optimizer


After purchasing our mini e-booklet you will be familiar with the foreign terms and have a checklist.  


Price: 29,95 € 

Digital purchase of 9 pages and 2122 words. Exchanges excluded. Do not close payment window until the end. Image not representative.

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Business account for a limited

You also need a reputable and inexpensive business account for your limited company. You can search for a long time in Cyprus. The banks are very expensive, the applications take a long time and it is not uncommon that entire accounts are frozen until they are verified. Also, a full credit card for your business expenses is almost impossible to obtain with a Cyprus Limited.

However, we have discovered and partially negotiated over 5 international alternatives so that you can get a modern and secure bank account for your business! The solutions are only available in our protected member area, which you can activate immediately. 

Private account for expats

In this article we explain which German bank offers the best current account for expats and expatriates in Cyprus. Free cash withdrawal included.

+ Free deposit
+ Free cash withdrawal up to 1.000 €
+ Onlinebanking
+ SMS-, PUSH- or CHIP-Tan procedure
+ German Support

Business account limited

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