To Cyprus by ferry

In this article we will introduce you to the only and brand new ferry connection between Greece and Cyprus, and tell you everything you need to know. 

Ferry connection to Cyprus

Since 2023, after years, there is finally a ferry connection to Cyprus again, from Piraeus in Greece. The journey by ferry to Cyprus usually takes 30 to 35 hours. So you'll be on the water for a day and a half. The ferry connection is especially suitable for vacationers and expatriates who want to bring their vehicle, camper, and / or pets to Cyprus.

However, there are some things to consider. We have compiled the most important facts for you

How much does a ferry to Cyprus cost? 

There are different types of cabins, which you can find on the left side of our website.

A couple with a car in first class pays about 257,53 € for a one-way ticket to Cyprus. 

By ferry with pets to Cyprus

Traveling with pets: Important information at a glance

Pets on board:
o Only dogs up to 40 kg and cats can be accommodated in 6 dog kennels.
o Alternatively, pets can be taken into the owner's cabin with a special cabin card (only 2 available).
o Pets are not allowed in the common areas and inside the ship.
o Food and water must be provided by the owner.

Owner's responsibility:
o Pet owners must personally care for their pet and remove feces.
o Damage caused by the pet must be paid immediately by the owner.
o Vaccinations and travel documents must be arranged by the owner.

Documents and Regulations:
o Health certificate required according to EU regulation.
o Documents of electronic identification and rabies vaccination required.
o Aggressive behavior of animals will not be tolerated.

Special regulations:
o Certain breeds of dogs are not allowed (Dogo Argentine, Fila Brasileiro, Japanese Tosa, Pit Bull Terrier or American Pit Bull)
o Health problems of the animal should be reported in advance.

A safe and pleasant stay for you and your pet on the ferry to Cyprus!

Book tickets for ferry to Cyprus

Only on these sites you can book your ferry ticket directly to Cyprus:

- you can buy your ticket on the websites and
- Pay the total amount to get your ticket.
- Provide all travel document details, including children. For your car, the suppliers need the make, model and license plate number.
- The info must match you and your car, otherwise access could be denied.
- Your ticket comes either as paper or electronically.
- When checking in, either show your reservation confirmation or give your reservation number to get your boarding pass.

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Rules on the ferry to Cyprus

- Passengers are not allowed to smoke anywhere indoors except in the casino.
- The crew will ensure safety. Violations of rules will be reported and may have consequences.
- Passengers may be screened for terrorism, so be prepared if your luggage or car is searched.

The following surcharge applies to cancellations:
- Up to 16 days before departure: 50% refund on the fare.
- Up to 15 days before departure: no refund.

Look forward to your trip and don't forget to follow these tips to make sure everything goes smoothly!

Travel documents for ferry to Cyprus

Travel documents:

- All passengers, including children and babies, must have valid identification when checking in at the port. Failure to do so will result in denial of boarding with no refund.
- Before you leave, make sure you have all the documents needed to disembark at the port.
- The company assumes no responsibility if local authorities deny boarding.

Passenger Details:

- For security reasons, passengers must be registered by name for each route.
- Each passenger must provide details of the travel document he/she will be using.
- The required details for registration are:

o Last name
o First name (complete)
o Number of the official travel document
o Gender
o Nationality
o Date of birth (DD/MM/YY)
o Date of issue and expiration of the travel document
Stick to this important information to start your trip without any problems!

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Procedure of the trip to Cyprus & Checkin

Show up for embarkation:

- You must be in the embarkation area of the ship at least 4 hours before departure.
- The embarkation process is completed one hour prior to the ship's departure.

Vehicle Loading:
- Bring your vehicle to the loading area 4 hours prior to departure.
- As a driver, you are required to load and unload your vehicle.
- The order of vehicle loading is governed by the port regulations of the port authority in whose territory the loading takes place.

Validtravel documents:

All passengers must carry valid travel documents.

Refusal of embarkation:

Scandro Holding Ltd reserves the right to refuse embarkation to passengers without required travel documents.

Early disembarkation:

- If you wish to disembark before the ship departs, you must notify the ship's accounting office.
- You must take your luggage and vehicle with you if it is possible to leave the ship's parking lot. (No refunds)

Responsibility for vehicles:

- The company is not responsible for any damage caused by the entry and exit of very low vehicles.
- It is the owner/driver's decision and responsibility to travel by vehicle.
Adhere to these instructions to have a smooth embarkation and travel experience!

Embarkation of underage passengers: This is what you need to know! Valid identification for minors:

- Minor passengers must have a valid ID card.
- Passengers under the age of 18 may only travel if accompanied by a person of legal age.
- If this accompanying person is not the parent or guardian, written consent from the parent/guardian is required.
- This consent must entrust the minor passenger to the selected accompanying person and be signed by both parents/guardians.
- All necessary identification documents, including third country residence permits, must be attached.
- Neither the captain nor the crew will assume responsibility for the child on board.

Embarkation of pregnant passengers: Here's what you should keep in mind:

- Pregnant women 6 months or later may travel only with a medical certificate issued within 7 days prior to departure.
- In case of high-risk pregnancies, a medical certificate is required, regardless of the period of pregnancy.
- No embarkation allowed if birth is expected within 7 days of departure or has occurred within 7 days prior to departure.
- The captain may refuse embarkation if the safety of the passenger or the baby would be endangered.

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Luggage and valuables on the ferry to Cyprus

Baggage and Valuables: Your belongings while traveling

Baggage regulations:

o Only personal items may be carried in your luggage.
o Dangerous and harmful products are not allowed.
o Luggage necessary for the trip should be taken as the garage remains closed.
o Company liability for luggage is limited by international regulations.

Lost items:

o If personal items are lost on board, report immediately to reception.
o Submit loss report within one week of disembarkation.
o The company is not obligated to pay compensation if the items are not found.

Valuables and Personal Items:

o Valuables are not protected by the company unless they have been deposited for safekeeping at the ship's booking office (for a fee).
o Hand luggage is allowed and will be checked. No other cargo is allowed in the vehicles.

Responsibility for Luggage:

o The Company assumes no responsibility for loss of money, valuables or luggage in the public areas of the ship or in vehicles.
Safe travel: Follow the rules for luggage and valuables!

Ferry to Cyprus Ferry connection Cyprus car ferry Cyprus Ferry Cyprus Piraeus

Conclusion about ferry connection to Cyprus

It is nice that finally there is a non-stop ferry connection to Cyprus again. Especially for people who can no longer fly due to illness, or want to export their car to Cyprus. Also for digital nomads, who are traveling in a camper or motorhome, can thus explore Cyprus, provided that the motorhome is not longer than 5 meters.

The cost is okay, the travel time quite long, but with an overnight stay acceptable. Somewhat incomprehensible is the rule that larger customers must stay all the time in the rather small dog boxes on deck, while smaller dogs are allowed in the cabin. You should be aware that the journey to Piraeus, the loading of the animal and the 35 hours of travel time with possible waves will be much more stressful for your animal than a direct flight of almost 3.5 hours in the hold with TUI from e.g. Hanover to Larnaca!

For us, this ferry connection would only be interesting if we buy a camper or motorhome in Cyprus to then travel worldwide. But since no motorhome under 5 meters appeals to us, we will probably never book this ferry to Cyprus.

Who wants to go with larger vehicles and motorhomes to Cyprus by ferry has the following options:

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