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What is a Yellow Slip?

The "Yellow Slip" is the official registration certificate of the country Cyprus. Only with the Yellow Slip it is possible to establish a Limited in Cyprus and to benefit from all tax advantages of Cyprus. The application for the Yellow Slip usually takes a few months. By choosing the right tax firm, you can receive the Yellow Slip in just a few days.

As a member of Cyprus.LTD you can easily apply for the Yellow Slip yourself. We show you the fastest way to get your own Yellow Slip. If a safe, stress-free and above all fast application is important to you, you should apply for the Yellow Slip through our office. The costs for this are 350 €, for members 300 €. More information in our price list.

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With the Yellow Slip you can ...

With a Yellow Slip you can rent or buy real estate in Cyprus and thus transfer your residence to Cyprus. 

If you have the Yellow Slip, you can establish your own Limited in Cyprus and enjoy numerous tax advantages. Because only with a Limited in Cyprus you pay only 12.5% capital tax instead of up to 40% tax in Germany. With us you save 100 €!

Only those who additionally obtain the NON Dom status through a tax firm will obtain tax benefits on capital and share income together with their own Limited. Click here for the tax benefit calculator

The Yellow Slip, i.e. the official registration certificate, allows you to buy and register cars in Cyprus. 

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