Is Cyprus a tax haven?

Tax haven in Europe

Paphos, Cyprus. The island in the Mediterranean was long dominated by negative headlines, marked by the banking crisis or the sale of so-called "Cyprus Papers". But the country has changed, and is now a business-friendly tax haven in Europe. Germany, on the other hand, is tightening its tax rates and laws, with many parties calling for even higher taxes, especially for online companies, and the tax burden has been rising exponentially for years. Small and medium-sized businesses bear a heavy burden of taxes, some of which are the result of tax waste.

Tax haven Europe

That is why Cyprus is a tax haven:

Hardly any other country in Europe offers such tax advantages, which is why Cyprus is a tax haven:

Corporate income tax (similar to income tax)


Taxes on salaries (up to € 19,500 per year)


Taxes on dividends


Taxes on share gains


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Tax haven in Europe

Tax haven in Europe

What makes a tax haven? 

Countries that offer particularly low tax rates and great advantages for foreign entrepreneurs are referred to as tax havens in Europe, and they do so legally. For some years now, Cyprus has been offering the so-called "non-dom program", which promises foreign entrepreneurs throughout Europe tax-free salaries, a low corporate income tax of only 12.5 percent and no taxes on dividends.

How to save taxes in the tax haven Cyprus? 

If you want to work from anywhere and are thus considered a digital nomad, you have to properly deregister your residence and business in Germany, immigrate to Cyprus via yellow slip, and set up a limited company in Cyprus. A wide variety of providers, some of which are German-speaking, can help with this. A renowned provider is, for example, - our portal offers emigrants a structured online coach even before their first vacation in Cyprus, so that they can do everything legally, quickly and properly. In addition, there are numerous expert videos, online tools and downloads. The membership fee is one-time, after that you can use the portal unlimited.

What is life like in a tax haven?

It is easy to live in Cyprus. If you like warm weather and only short winter months, you can enjoy the sea, culture and local sights as a private person, in addition to tax advantages. Thanks to two airports, there are good year-round connections to Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Real estates are clearly more favorable, food for it somewhat more expensive. In general, the portal ZYPERN.LTD has compared Germany with Cyprus on its site. Especially as a newcomer, you should be careful when choosing your business partners. Many cost traps are waiting to be entered. With the right partner at your side, these can be avoided.

Which countries are tax havens in Europe?

In addition to Cyprus, Malta, Luxembourg and Ireland are also far ahead as they have the lowest taxes for entrepreneurs in all of Europe. Cyprus offers a lot of culture and breathtaking landscapes and hiking trails in addition to fast access. Furthermore, Cyprus is extremely safe. In winter, you can even ski or snowboard in Cyprus. In the great comparison between Cyprus and Germany on Youtube you can find our honest opinion about the tax paradise. Another advantage that exists in Cyprus: almost the entire population speaks fluent English, as the island is a colorful mix of many nations, and there are still British settlements to this day. 

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