Dentists in Cyprus

Are there good dentists in Cyprus? We tell you!

Are dentists in Cyprus good?

If you want to emigrate to Cyprus or live in Cyprus for some time, you will quickly notice how many dentists there are in Cyprus. Everywhere you will find dental offices on every street corner. But quantity, as we all know, does not stand for quality. Since we emigrated to Cyprus in 2019, we have already visited quite a few dental practices in Cyprus, simply because this is always a vexing topic for me.

The differences with Germany

Basically, you can already say that most dental practices in Cyprus are very modernly equipped. Depending on the budget of the practice, there is modern laser technology - and even dental impressions are already fully digital and 3D. When it comes to the know-how of the dentists, however, the situation is clearly different. You have to wait a relatively long time for appointments, and the prices of dental services in Cyprus are only slightly favorable to the same price as in Germany. 

Dentist Cyprus

As we have already learned from my article on the subject of real estate in Cyprus, it looks bad with the know-how of the brokers in Cyprus. Unfortunately, the same is true for most dentists. Many have specialized in tourists, and less on regular customers. 

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Dentist error in Cyprus

A bite splint was needed for the night. The dentist made it. When I visited the practice, I had to smile about the quality. The bite splint was cheaply made, as thin as a Pepsi bottle and broke after the first insertion on site and the first slight bite. It was designed so that the front teeth would have been on top of each other. Bite your lower and upper front teeth together once. Does that feel like relaxing at night? 

On the very first day in Cyprus, my bridge unfortunately broke apart - a faulty construction from Germany! I quickly went to a dentist. A new bridge was made for 900 euros. And this one also broke after a few weeks. The money was gone, and the quality was miserable. 

Another doctor's office gave me a filling, but it broke off again after four days in the office - poorly finished and painful. It is unclear whether this was due to the material or simply too little curing. 

But there are also good experiences that we have had. A German dentist and implantologist works in Nicosia and Paphos several times a week, and performed a successful and problem-free tooth extraction. We have stored the full contact details of this dentist, as well as other recommended doctors in our member portal for you. You will also find emergency pharmacies and all information about the health system in Cyprus.