Cyprus air quality

Is the air in Cyprus good? 

The air in Cyprus is considered mostly dry, especially in the warm and hot months between May and October. However, allergy sufferers should watch out - we say why!

The site assigned Cyprus 2.5 times the concentration in PM for 2022, which is 3.1 times the annual WHO air quality guideline value, and generally assigns Cyprus moderate air quality, which is not optimal conditions for allergy sufferers. Cyprus thus ranks 65th among countries with the worst air quality worldwide, after Montenegro, Colombia and Poland. Germany is in 88th place.

Of course, these are all relatively poorly substantiated facts, as volunteers submit their data to this portal via apps and measuring devices. However, we share with you our personal experience as emigrants who have lived in Cyprus for over four years.

Since we have been living on the island for four years, I can confirm that at least twice a year larger amounts of sand from the Sahara make their way to Cyprus, which significantly pollute the air in Cyprus. This often happens in spring and autumn, during which time the weather in Cyprus tends to be milder. During this period, many suffer from breathing difficulties, scratchy throat, dry mucous membranes, palpitations, headaches and fatigue. During the same months many grasses and plants start to bloom, which also causes problems for allergy sufferers. I myself suffer from the above-mentioned symptoms during these periods, which last from a few weeks to several months.

The air quality is significantly better only when it has rained and the air has been cleaned, which is relatively rare. Very often there is also a large haze over the city from our mountain. Moreover, if you are staying in a property in the cities of Cyprus, you get additional exposure to exhaust fumes and Co² emissions. 

Possible symptoms of the sandstorm in Cyprus

Symptoms during heavy air pollution from sand in Cyprus include headaches, shortness of breath, mucus in the nose and throat, dizziness, dry mucous membranes, hoarse voice, slight nausea, tiredness, fatigue, a general feeling of illness, an itchy palate, sneezing attacks, but also a slight palpitations and restlessness. 

Possible treatment of the symptoms

There is nothing you can do about the weather and air pollution in Cyprus, but you should avoid spending long periods outdoors if you have the above symptoms. Natural nasal spray with salt and a nasal douche with Emser salt can help. Sensitive people should also leave an air purifier with a HEPA filter running permanently in the bedroom at night. We use this air purifier. 

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Tourists or expatriates could face problems in Cyprus due to air quality

The air in Cyprus is predominantly dry, sandy and particularly polluted at least twice a year. 2023 was particularly intense, as I and many other people I asked experienced. Many cars are also old and "spew out" a lot of pollutants. Allergy sufferers could develop severe symptoms over several months of the year.

However, if you want to go on vacation to Cyprus, you should be able to do so without hesitation - but if you are planning to emigrate to Cyprus, you should spend a few months on the island in spring or autumn.

Air quality Cyprus

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