What does Non-Dom mean?

Foreigners who relocate to countries such as Cyprus, Malta, Ireland or the UK and take up residence there and set up their business are known as "Non Domiciled", or"Non Doms" for short.
The prerequisite for this is that the father of the entrepreneur is not born in the same country. For this reason, the birth certificate or identity card of the father is also requested when the limited company is formed.

The Non-Dom status in Cyprus allows an entrepreneur to enjoy clear tax advantages; for example, a person living in Cyprus with NON-Dom status pays only 12.5% capital tax, 0% tax on dividends or share profits and no tax on his salary, provided it is less than 19,500 euros per year. In order to achieve non-dom status, one must deregister oneself and one's company in Germany, move the center of one's life to Cyprus, establish a limited company in Cyprus and register by means of a yellow slip. A tax law firm in Cyprus helps one with all processes and official applications.

Non Dom Cyprus
Non Dom Program Cyprus


Limited founded

Non Dom in Cyprus

The taxes with non-dom status at a glance

VAT / Value Added Tax: 19
Trade tax: none
Solidarity tax: none
Dividend taxation as Cyprus Non Dom: 0 %.
Dividend taxation without Non Dom: 17
Interest income: tax free
Share gains are tax free via a Cyprus LTD

Common cost traps in Cyprus

In our video we explain the biggest cost traps in Cyprus:

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Possibilities to change the Non Dom status
to reach:

You can obtain Non Dom status within a few months if you choose the right tax firm in Cyprus. 


Cyprus Limited

Incorporation of a Cyprus Limited with Non Dom status.

  • 60 days minimum stay per year
  • Ideal for Amazon FBA, B2B and B2C Businesses



Self-employment in Cyprus with local business.

  • For local entrepreneurs and craftsmen
  • 60 days minimum stay per year



HNWI model: financially independent person

  • No social security with 183 days minimum stay

  • Ideal for passive income or business outside EU

The advantages of the "NON DOM" status

There are well-defined tax benefits for Germans and foreigners
in Cyprus who obtain non-dom status:

12.5 % Capital tax

Instead of up to 40% taxes in Germany. Click here to go to the tax calculator.

Tax-free dividends

Tax-free dividends can be taken from the Limited several times a year. 

Tax-free share income

You do not pay any taxes on income from shares and interest (Germany up to 27.9 % tax)

Legal warranty

Non Dom status is valid for 17 years from receipt. This is set by law in Cyprus. 

Only 60 days mandatory

Instead of 183 days, you only need to be in Cyprus for at least 60 days to keep the status. 


Cyprus does not transfer tax data to other countries if the tax residence is Cyprus. 

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