Best time to visit Cyprus

Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and particularly mild climate.

What is the best time to travel in Cyprus?

January, February and March are the coldest months to travel. Especially in February and March there is a lot of rain, temperatures can drop below 10 degrees at night. Many restaurants, hotels and stores are closed.

The months of April and May are moderate, there are always rains, but temperatures gradually rise. This period is particularly suitable for hiking and biking on the island.

The hottest months are June, July, August and September. Especially in August, temperatures can rise up to 37 degrees in the shade. This month is the hottest in the whole year.

In October, November and December there are many hours of sunshine, the heat gradually drops and the days also become much shorter. From November, it is usually dark from 6 o'clock. 

Climate table Cyprus

Climate table Cyprus

If you want to emigrate to Cyprus because of the high tax benefits, you should plan your vacation and apartment viewings in October - November. 

In these months, rents are not only cheaper but also the supply of real estate in Cyprus is significantly greater. 

Our conclusion about the weather in Cyprus

Those who want to experience a beach vacation in Cyprus should travel to Cyprus at the end of June to the beginning of September, this is the peak season. However, those who also like to go hiking in Cyprus and like to explore nature should travel to Cyprus in late April to early June, or mid-September to early December. Our favorite months are April, May and June, and September to December, because it is not too hot, you can still swim and hikes and walks are super possible. When vacationing in Cyprus, travel insurance should definitely be taken out in advance.

Cyprus weather today

On the left you can find the current weather forecast for Paphos, Cyprus. Paphos is the westernmost city and especially in summer always a bit cooler than Larnaca or Nicosia.

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