What does HNWI mean?

HNWI stands for "HIGH NET WORTH INDIVIDUALS" and is a special program for people who are financially independent. In Cyprus, this allows wealthy individuals and retirees to legally save taxes. You receive full non-dom status as an HNWI and therefore the following tax benefits:

Tax advantages HNWI

  • Full non-dom status
  • Only 60 days minimum stay!
  • No social security obligation!
  • Simple application through our tax office

HNWI in Cyprus

Emigrate as a pensioner and save taxes

Who does not dream of this? Living in Cyprus with your assets or as a pensioner, enjoying the good weather and paying taxes on the side. Our tax advisor specializes in the HNWI program in Cyprus and offers legally secure and fast applications.

As a member of our portal, you also receive unlimited access to our expertise for a one-time fee. We show you how to insure yourself as a pensioner in Cyprus, list all German-speaking doctors and provide you daily with expert knowledge about the island!

You still have questions? You can contact our office free of charge by clicking on the button below:

Questions about the HNWI tax program

As a financially independent person, you do not pay any taxes on dividends and income outside Cyprus. Thus, all income is absolutely tax-free. The HNWI program is also interesting for emigrants and expats who own a company abroad and do not want to establish a limited company in Cyprus.

The application for the HNWI program requires 6 documents and proofs, which should be filled in correctly. You can apply for HNWI status either through our portal as a member yourself, or apply for an expedited, legally secure application through our tax office

With a full international health insurance you are covered in Cyprus and even worldwide. Here you can find all available health insurance for HNWI.

Our tax office in Cyprus is specialized in expatriates and the HNWI program. With our tax consultant you will receive all tax benefits in Cyprus as quickly as possible and legally secure. Here you can book a free consultation.

Cyprus guarantees every EU citizen a minimum validity of 17 years.

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