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What we offer

We offer your customers the largest information portal about living in Cyprus and the
legally secure and ultra-fast formation of a Limited in Cyprus!

You decide how much discount your member receives
and how much commission goes to you!

Knowledge portal

We offer over 70 pages of expert knowledge and tips for emigration and life in Cyprus!

Member Discounts

Each member receives exclusive member discounts on car purchases, insurance or starting their own Limited!

Establish company

Who wants, founds with us his Limited incl. Non Dom, Yellow Slip, Gesy and more within a few weeks!

And this is how it works

That's how simple our reseller program works:

Register as an affiliate and we will send you your personal affiliate link!

Promote our portal and refer to the registration process with a personal link. The best way is to promote our portal in your YouTube videos or Facebook groups about Cyprus. Also a blog post about us is possible, or even a personal recommendation. 

As soon as a member completes the purchase through your link, this process is tracked by us and you will receive your commission 2-3 business days after the purchase is completed. 

Our commissions for our partners

Cyprus Limited

Commission for membership

You will receive 75 € gross via PayPal for each referred membership


Commission for "All Inclusive

You will receive 200 € gross via PayPal for each referred "All Inclusive" membership


Additional bonus

To each further recommendation
you receive besides a pressure credit i.H.v.
50,00 € gross for

Frequently asked questions

The referral link will look like this:

The "XXXX" will be completed with a personal code. Just fill in the registration form and you will receive your personal referral link

You can generate the most sales by creating a relevant video on YouTube, a post in a group or a blog entry about Cyprus. It is even better if you own a good domain and create a landing page for this domain that only deals with the topic of Cyprus and refers to our offer via buttons and text links. Afterwards you recommend our portal to all, which could emigrate to Cyprus and would found a Limited. Inform yourself beforehand about our portal, which added value we offer. If you have any questions, please send them to - our web experts will be happy to give you useful tips.

If you want to create a more complex page about our portal on your blog or Facebook page, you can download our banners and promotional materials in the footer of this page.

You can use our banners to serve Facebook ads and ads on websites. 

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Self-promotion or referral is not possible. The commission will be paid only after receipt of payment from the recruited member within 1-4 business days to the specified PayPal account (email address). The legal process is excluded. Any print credit offered will be transferred to the referrer as a voucher code. The voucher code cannot be combined with other discounts and is valid for a maximum of 12 months. 

Advertising materials

Here you will find freely usable advertising materials and banners. These media may not be modified or edited. They are only allowed to be used for the promotion of 

Cyprus Non Dom Status
Cyprus Limited Portal
Cyprus Limited Portal
Cyprus Health Insurance
Tax optimizer


After purchasing our mini e-booklet you will be familiar with the foreign terms and have a checklist.  


Price: 29,95 € 

Digital purchase of 9 pages and 2122 words. Exchanges excluded. Do not close payment window until the end. Image not representative.