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Is a vacation in Cyprus expensive? 

The island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea is not considered the cheapest destination, but it is full of interesting activities, great hiking trails and first-class hotels. Especially the region of Paphos is a bit cooler in summer and very close to the nature reserve Akamas. There you will find dream bays, beaches and you can, for example, book a buggy tour through the almost 78 square kilometer area. The beautiful harbor promenade invites you to go out for a meal or a boat trip. 

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Best time to visit Cyprus?

Those who like it very hot should book their vacation in Cyprus in the months of June, July and August. However, if you don't want to just lie on the beach but also want to explore Cyprus on your own or arrive with small children, we recommend the months of April to June or September to November. This is our most popular travel time, as the months are already warm but not too hot for hiking or visiting the beautiful old towns. More about the travel season in Cyprus you can find here

Climate table Cyprus

Climate table Cyprus

If you want to emigrate to Cyprus because of the high tax benefits, you should plan your vacation and apartment viewings in October - November. 

In these months, rents are not only cheaper but also the supply of real estate in Cyprus is significantly greater. 

Potable water in Cyprus?

The drinking water in Cyprus is potable. If you book a vacation home or apartment in Cyprus, you will find a third, small tap for drinking water in the kitchen. The main tap should only be used for cooking, as this water goes through the large water tank on the roof. More information about drinking water in Cyprus can be found here