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Cyprus - an island with affordable real estate?

Along with Malta and Mallorca, Cyprus is one of the most popular islands in Europe for German entrepreneurs and emigrants. In contrast to Malta and Mallorca, however, real estate prices are much more moderate - yet!
The reason for this is the size of the island. There are still enough free properties and no housing shortage. Cyprus has a lot to offer. In addition to ski resorts in winter, Cyprus shines with the second official language English and over 350 days of sunshine per year. 

While affordable real estate is hard to find on Mallorca, it is easy to get a villa with three rooms, pool and large plot of land on Cyprus for as little as 180,000 euros, some of it completely tax-free! With two international airports, just under 3.5 hours flying time to Germany and numerous direct connections to Asia, Cyprus is not only a popular vacation destination, but also home to thousands of Germans and Austrians. 

Cyprus houses mold

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At that time, we had this moisture meter with us at every inspection and could thus already see into the walls of each property by measuring the moisture. A value of 20 to 30 percent is fine. Anything above that means: damp walls and keep your distance!

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There are many "brokers" on the road in Cyprus who do not have an official license. Especially some German consultants in the Paphos area should be treated with caution. The possession of a broker's license is mandatory in Cyprus to broker houses and apartments for sale to interested parties. Showing and checking the broker license number is therefore mandatory at every viewing. With our carefree package you will not only receive a wide range of excellent service, but also brokers from the largest real estate group in Cyprus. As a member of the largest, German-speaking portal, you will also learn all the pitfalls and cost traps of the island, prepare yourself optimally for an emigration to Cyprus and receive tested partners for the complete immigration to Cyprus. Our members area protects and saves you from further, possible cost traps in Cyprus. 

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3 rooms, pool, sea view for 305.000 € in Kamares, Tala

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3 rooms, pool, sea view, fireplace for 395.000 € in Kamares, Tala

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During your stay in Cyprus, you will visit numerous properties or apartments in Paphos, Cyprus with our agents, whose real estate group has already won several awards. You will be amazed how prepared we are to offer you a wide range of quality properties. 

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