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Health insurance abroad:

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Health insurance abroad

EXPAT Insurance for digital nomads and expatriates in Cyprus and worldwide

The right health insurance for expatriates abroad

Anyone who is a digital nomad and travels the world, or who has emigrated to Cyprus for tax reasons, should be particularly familiar with the topic of health insurance and international health insurance. Even if the German statutory health insurance is criticized, it is still one of the best in the world. This is often only noticed when you live as an expatriate in another country and have to take advantage of health insurance services there. No matter if you are already in Portugal, Thailand or Australia - or if you plan to emigrate to America or South America - our mainly German insurers presented here are the ideal health insurance for your stay abroad!

The first problem you will encounter: most worldwide insurers require a residence in Germany, or limit the insurance period and thus your stay abroad to a limited time.
The insurers presented here are all verified and do not require these regulations. We have compared the largest and best-known health insurances for emigrants on this page for you.

The private health insurances mentioned here can be used worldwide.

Private international insurance

Private health insurance

Fortunately, there are international, private health insurance companies that specialize in expats and emigrants residing in Cyprus or in another European country. We are the largest, German-language portal for expats in Cyprus and have compared all known providers here.

Health insurance abroad

No brokers who offer you what brings the most commission - but an accessible and absolutely transparent insurance comparison of the 5 largest insurers for emigrants and expats worldwide!

With us you will find the right health insurance!

Expat health insurance

The comparison is so complex that it will not display properly on a mobile device.
Therefore, please always visit this page from a laptop, computer or tablet.


The big insurance comparison

Price example based on a 30-year-old woman in Cyprus and the highest rates offered with an annual payment and €0 deductible. Look for the "thumbs up" icon, which marks good benefits, and the stop sign, which marks poor benefits.

¹ The last years for which it is necessary to specify diseases or surgeries developed there. - ² Personal experience: long processing process & discussion. - ³ For members of CYPERN.LTD - ⁴ Passportcard pays 25 EUR for each violation of its service charter. All information without any guarantee and liability. The most current status of the respective insurance conditions counts, which can be obtained from the insurer directly via the links above.

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April International review

Attention: beware of April International insurance

We received numerous e-mails and comments from our members as well as complaints about the health insurance April International - the events described are all the same: The insurance does not pay, for months - and German as well as international employees ignore e-mails. Getting through by phone is not possible due to the language barrier. Many members had to call in lawyers. We also had to go through personal, very negative experiences with APRIL International Health Insurance, which is why we can only explicitly warn against this provider.

We are the largest portal for emigrants in Cyprus and the safety of our members is very important to us, which is why we would ask you to take this advice seriously and inform yourself about other, public and very negative reviews about this insurance. 

Health insurance emigrant

1st place:

BDAE is in first place with us. This provider is clearly the cheapest insurer in a price comparison, there is good coverage even in the home country and fast-response support.


Ann-Kathrin Schwanitz speaks in the
Citizen Circle on Air about health insurance abroad

Health insurance abroad

BDAE is in first place with us. This provider is clearly the cheapest insurer in a price comparison, there is good coverage even in the home country and fast-response support.  

Health insurance abroad

The premiums are not the cheapest, but the insurance company offers modern solutions, such as payment with a credit card, an app and its own German assistance service 7 days a week. However, our test showed that you have to wait 3 to 4 weeks just for the application. Some of the coverage amounts are quite moderate.


Foyer global health takes fourth place because the reimbursement process is very complicated and takes a long time. In addition, there is often no German support, the portal is very old-fashioned, and there is no app. The services, on the other hand, are advertised as very comprehensive. Our experience over 2 years was sufficient to insufficient.

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After purchasing our mini e-booklet you will be familiar with the foreign terms and have a checklist.  


Price: 29,95 € 

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Our personal conclusion

The international health insurance for Cyprus in comparison

We can recommend the BDAE . If we were to compare the two, we might speculate that BDAE is particularly suitable for couples and families and has been on the market for 25 years, whereas Passport Card is the youngest provider but shines with special services such as an individual credit card that you can use to pay for your doctor's visits directly without having to pay in advance. Both providers offer an app for convenient bill uploading. BDAE is said to take a bit longer to reimburse since it's handled manually.

If you still don't know which plan is right for you after our premium comparison at the top of this page, you can compare all the plans offered below.

How are we insured? 

When we emigrated to Cyprus at the end of 2019, we looked relatively quickly for a private, international health insurance to be optimally insured worldwide. However, after a consultation with an "independent" insurance consultant, we had then received an insurance company that was extremely eager to discuss. Even the smallest receipts were rejected, one had to run after every euro and invest a lot of work and time to get small amounts reimbursed.

The provider that was recommended to us by an independent broker at the time was Foyer Global Health from Luxembourg. I left my entire experience in our YouTube video.

After almost two years and the special termination on our part, we had then decided on the Passportcard or BDAE based on the intensive research. In the end, BDAE became our personal test winner in terms of health insurance for emigrants, because the competence and speed as well as the seriousness of the service convinced us. Besides, BDAE is the cheapest health insurance in our comparison, and even in old age the insurance premiums are moderate and affordable.

Which we experience the next months and years with this health insurance everything, we will write down here naturally transparently and openly!

CONCLUSION: one does not need an insurance broker for the conclusion of a private health insurance abroad . For this the comparison on comparison portals and above all the information brochures of the individual insurers are sufficient. If you take the time to read the fine print, which even brokers will not read out to you, you will find the right insurer for you. 

The BDAE tariffs in detail

Health insurance for emigrants and expats in Cyprus. You can find out the exact costs and conclude the contract directly on this website. Here you can find our partner site.


from € 88 €

100% outpatient

Up to 5 years

None (COVID) Vaccinations

No pregnancy / childbirth

Tooth 60% to 1200 €

Previous illness not covered

No help for infertility 


from 153€

100% outpatient

Up to 5 years

None (COVID) Vaccinations

Pregnancy secured

Tooth 80% to 4000 €

Previous illness not covered

No help for infertility 

Expat Private Premium

from 232€

100% outpatient

Up to 5 years

None (COVID) Vaccinations

Pregnancy secured

Tooth 90% to 4000 €

Pre-existing conditions insurable

No help for infertility 


Exclusively at ZYPERN.LTD

from 144 €

100% outpatient


Vaccinations + COVID19 vaccinations

incl. pregnancy / childbirth unlimited

Incl. dentures / orthodontics max. 4000€ p.a.

Pre-existing conditions insurable

60%, max. 6,000 euros per year in case of unprintability


Advantages of the German BDAE:

Insurance BDAE Experience Report
Lifetime international health insurance

EXPAT Infinity is a lifetime international health insurance policy that is valid worldwide. The product offers private individuals a high degree of flexibility in designing their insurance coverage.

Be fully flexible

You can choose between three benefit variants based on country zones and age. A deductible in various amounts can also be selected, which can reduce the premium.  

For the elderly and the previously ill

The integration of pre-existing conditions is also possible under certain conditions. An enrollment age of up to 75 also gives retirees suitable coverage. 


Why you need private international health insurance in Cyprus

We are often asked by our members, why one needs an additional health insurance in Cyprus at all, if one has to pay GESY contributions anyway, if one owns a Limited in Cyprus. A question that is absolutely justified.

In the first moment you seem to be fully, state insured in Cyprus and we know many people who think that the social security system of Cyprus is sufficient. We disagree, and therefore show you some examples: 

Germany stay

Case 1

No performance in the home country!

To visit your family or friends, or maybe even on business. The GESY does not apply here. You can apply for an EU card, but it is worthless in Germany. 

  • Private health insurance covers home countries up to 6 months and more
  • Private KV offers single room & treatment by chief physician
  • Private KV allows home visit on for scheduled surgeries
  • BDAE offers even 6 months protection in Germany

Hospitals in Cyprus

Case 2

Poor supply

We visited the General Hospital in Paphos several times and did not have a good feeling. Most of the experiences described to us showed absolute basic care with sometimes high deficiencies. 

  • With a private health insurance you use private hospitals
  • A free choice of laboratory and physician (no contract as in GESY).
  • Settlement directly via the insurer for higher amounts
  • At PASSPORTCARD no prepayment at all!
Travel insurance

Case 3

Foreign trip uninsured

The GESY is only valid in Cyprus - you are not insured when traveling in the EU or worldwide. Travel health insurance from Germany requires a residence in Germany!

  • Private insurers insure in zones, thus Europe-wide and sometimes worldwide - perfect for digital nomads!
  • Carefree, longer stays abroad
  • Many rates also include USA!

Hospitals in Cyprus

Case 4

Limited services

Not long ago, GESY did not even cover births, which had to be paid for by yourself at a cost of 3,000 to 5,000 euros. To this day, there are no dental benefits - unless you have a serious accident. So bridges and crowns may be paid by yourself

  • Private offer high dental benefits
  • Acupuncture, TCM, osteopathy also insurable
  • Birth and complications also insured

Health insurance abroad

Which health insurance is suitable for emigrants?

If you emigrate to a country in Europe, you cannot use any statutory health insurance from Germany. Therefore, if you move abroad, you are no longer covered by statutory health insurance in Germany. This makes it all the more important to have a secure and international health insurance policy, but not all insurance policies for abroad are suitable - for example, some limit the stay abroad to a few years, after which the policy can no longer be extended. Also for older emigrants or pensioners there are less insurances due to the age. Therefore, it makes sense to inform yourself on our website before or during an emigration and to find the right health insurance on the basis of the large insurance comparison.

Which health insurances can we not recommend?

We do not recommend CIGNA Insurance, nor April International. In our extensive comparison, CIGNA was the most expensive provider, with comparatively low benefits.

We had April International in our program for some time - due to the negative feedback from our members and also the bad Google reviews, we have removed this provider from our portal. 

Be covered by private health insurance in your home country as well

If you live abroad, you would like to be insured in your home country (the country where you were born). And even when traveling, you should not compromise on insurance coverage - that's why a private, international health insurance is the only and perfect solution to be optimally insured. Our insurances include acute illnesses and accidents. Sports activities are also included. A medically necessary repatriation or even a special assistance offers extra protection abroad. Dental prostheses such as bridges, crowns or fillings are covered. All, of course, depending on the choice of insurance and the respective package. 

Interesting links:

Living and working in Europe - German Pension Insurance
Social Compass Europe - 28 EU member countries and a database with lots of information - Specialized provider for health insurance abroad


Drive double-tracked & safely!

No one can predict what will happen. Nevertheless, visit a government hospital in Cyprus and find out for yourself. It makes sense, as an expat in Cyprus or wherever you are, to travel on two tracks. The resulting double costs we will press together in the portal. 

Insured in Cyprus
Insure yourself privately !

It does not have to be the highest tariff, we have made that experience. Nevertheless, based on the above examples, you should be doubly insured. A luxury that saves you some costs and discussions in everyday life. 

Reduce the GESY contribution !

We show you in our portal the best tricks how you can legally reduce the social security contributions in Cyprus to a minimum in order to save GESY and social security contributions. You can then use the money you save for a private, international health insurance. 

Do not take any risk !

And be insured worldwide without worries. You can also have upcoming and planned operations in the country of your choice. Look inside yourself and ask yourself which services you would prefer to have performed in a private hospital in your home country, close to your family? 

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