Gluten free in Cyprus

Gluten free restaurants in Paphos, Cyprus

Since we ourselves live in Paphos, we can tell you especially in the popular vacation region of Paphos in Cyprus some restaurants that also offer gluten-free dishes. Of course, not all are included, since there are gluten-free dishes in almost every restaurant. 

Gluten free pizza in Cyprus

Gluten free pizza 

The Pizza Express chain in Cyprus offers gluten-free pizzas and even gluten-free lasagna in every city. Besides the strict gluten-free menu, you can also ask for the gluten-free Pizzabase, and order other types of pizza.

Pizzeria Martelli in Paphos also offers gluten-free pizza.

You can now order gluten-free pasta and pizza from A Modo Mio via WOLT.

Gluten free pasta in Cyprus

Gluten free pasta 

Duomo restaurant in Paphos offers gluten-free pasta. 

Don Luigi's Trattoria in Paphos also offers gluten-free pasta dishes. Pizzeria Martelli also serves gluten-free pasta. 

Gluten free burgers in Cyprus

Gluten free burgers 

You can enjoy gluten-free burgers at Burger Stories in Paphos in the old town. This restaurant also delivers via the app "FOODY". There you can put together your own gluten-free burger. 

The vegan restaurant Meraki in Paphos offers gluten-free burgers, cakes and main dishes. You can even enjoy gluten-free beer here. 

Gluten free supermarkets in Cyprus

At Alpha Mega, you can get gluten-free cookies, pasta, breads, rolls, baking mixes and flour on a special shelf anywhere on the island. You can also find San Miguel gluten-free beer there. Corona beer, while not completely wheat-free, is also corn and rice based and is also tolerated by many.

There is also LIDL in Cyprus. However, there is only a very small selection there, namely only gluten-free pasta such as spaghetti or rigatoni. Twice a year there are gluten-free promotions, which then also include rolls. Fish sticks and pizza.

In the BIO supermarket Allorganic in Limassol or Larnaca you can find gluten-free products.

The BIO supermarket BIO LOUC and HEALTH BASKET in Paphos offers a wide range of gluten-free products.

At Papantoniou in Cyprus, in addition to a large gluten-free shelf, you can also get frozen, pre-sliced gluten-free bread! There is also a gluten-free cake called Marlenka in the refrigerated section, as well as beers from Daura, San Miguel, and sometimes Pale Ale.

Another tip in Paphos is Marks & Spencer - although this is an English clothing store, there is a larger supermarket downstairs with many own brands - including numerous, really very tasty gluten-free breads, cakes, cookies and baked fish or fish sticks. 

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