German television in Cyprus

You have emigrated to Cyprus, spend your winter there or are on vacation in Cyprus, and want to receive German TV in Cyprus? We explain how you can receive German TV in Cyprus!

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Here comes our setup as a solution!

It took us a while to find the right setup for us. For example, when using Netflix on Cyprus, many well-known series are missing - digital TV providers are simply blocked, and often you just have trouble with the connection. You'll have to invest around €9.99 per month, far cheaper than HD TV in Germany and GEZ-free. Add to that the cost of a good VPN provider. 

Here's how the perfect TV setup works:

  • A current, inexpensive Amazon FIRE TV Stick - preferably 4K version
  • This TV Premium Account (Here members save 10€)
  • An account with this VPN provider (Free for members for 30 days)
  • A stable internet connection with at least 5-6 Mbit/s (e.g. Ecotech in Paphos)

The explanation in detail

The FIRE TV Stick is the affordable and perfect way to start making any TV digital. You can order it directly from Amazon in Cyprus or use Eshopwedrop . If you already have a TV with Android TV, a Fire TV Stick is not necessary. What is important is ANDROID TV.

There are not only our used TV provider, but others lock you. E.g. WAIPU TV from Germany is much better, because the switching times are faster and there is real Full HD. However, this provider does not work in Cyprus. Not even with a VPN.

Now we come to the real VPN. It took us months to find the right one. A VPN tricks an app or website into thinking that your device is in Germany, so that you can then use everything again without restrictions. There are many VPN providers whose servers are already on the known list. Only with the VPN provider we mentioned and the location selection "Nuremberg" in the app settings can you watch Netflix, TV, etc.

You do not have to use the VPN permanently. It only slows down the speed. About every three months, our TV provider will show you an error message. Exactly then you turn on the VPN app on your TV, select Nuremberg as the location and then start the TV streaming service again!

This procedure works ONLY with the providers we mentioned in optimal connection and paid premium accounts. Again and again, members tell us that Joyn or other apps work for them without VPN. This is so in the early days until the time limit is reached and you are blocked by the providers. If you want to save on VPN, you could try to get 30 free days through our link again and again. You would then always have to set up a new free account again at the error message from the TV provider. A lot of work, but for foxes a possibility.

  1. Plug the Fire TV Stick into the TV and complete the installation. Download the TV app and this VPN app.
  2. Register your own accounts with the providers mentioned above
  3. Start the VPN app and log in. Select Nuremberg as your location and click Connect.
  4. Then launch the TV app and log in. You will be able to watch TV normally.
  5. Now you can also use the Netflix app normally. About every three months, you will need to restart the VPN app for a short time.

Why many emigrate to Cyprus

Cyprus offers not only great nature, but also great weather and a mild climate all year round. In addition, there is a special tax program for emigrants, which allows you to pay very low tax rates on your income.

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