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Over 80 pages of content

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Tax calculator Cyprus Limited

What do you save in taxes with a
Cyprus Limited?

This calculation example was calculated using exactly paid fees
of a sole proprietorship in Germany.


44.910 / yearly
  • ~ 35.000 € EK Tax
  • ~ 9,500 € trade tax
  • ~ 210 € GEZ
  • ~ 304 € IHK contributions


12.500 / yearly
  • max. 12.500 € EK tax
  • 0 € Trade tax
  • 0€ GEZ
  • 0€ IHK


95.514 / yearly

  • 76.000 € EK Tax
  • 19,000 € Trade tax
  • 210 € GEZ
  • 304 € IHK contributions


25.000 / annually

  • max. 25.000 € EK tax
  • 0 € Trade tax
  • 0€ GEZ
  • € IHK

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With us you will find your house
in Cyprus - whether for sale or
for rent.

Welcome to Cyprus.LTD,

your green law firm and online guide to Cyprus

Life is a journey, and sometimes that journey takes us to places where we wish for a new chapter. Cyprus - a tax haven and beautiful island in the heart of the Mediterranean - holds the promise of freedom, adventure and a new beginning. If you've always dreamed of living under the bright sun, surrounded by turquoise waters and rich diversity, then you've come to the right place.

At Cyprus.LTD, we're here to help you make your dream of emigrating to Cyprus a reality. As a member of our community, you will not only receive useful tips and practical information, but also the assurance that you will skillfully avoid pitfalls and cost traps. You will receive an online mentor who will guide you all along the way.

We believe in the power of community and cohesion, and that's why we want to provide you with a step-by-step guide that will pave the way to your new life on this enchanting island. Because we know that stepping into the unknown requires courage, and we are here to encourage and support you as you embark on this exciting adventure.

Discover with us the beauty and fascination of Cyprus, get to know the warm-hearted people and immerse yourself in a culture that combines thousands of years of history with a modern lifestyle.

Your dreams deserve to be realized, and we are ready to accompany you on this unforgettable journey. Enter the world of Cyprus.LTD and let's write your new chapter together - full of emotions, challenges and above all full of joy!

Welcome to Cyprus.LTD - where dreams become adventures:

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As a member we will prepare you optimally for your emigration. With us you can set up your limited company from Germany, including all the necessary documents, in a fast-track procedure and up to 60% cheaper. Furthermore, you will get to know the regions of Cyprus and find the best health insurance for your stay with us. You will master official procedures with our instructions with ease. You will avoid tuition fees and cost traps contrary to others with our portal.

Our experts have left all possible business accounts for a Limited in Cyprus in the portal. So you can create your perfect payment setup with us.

As soon as you arrive in Cyprus, you will benefit from our tips around the island. With our tools and tricks you will find the perfect property in Cyprus and save money. VAT returns for your Limited in Germany? Elster & Co. Here, too, we will guide you through all the complicated tax issues that will also arise in Cyprus.

One does not exclude the other: if you already own a company in Cyprus, you will benefit from our numerous expert videos, the health insurance comparison, tips on saving taxes and get access to the largest German online coach for Germans in Cyprus.

But not only that; as a member you will receive a €100 discount on the incorporation of your company in Cyprus, as well as priority processing and direct Whatsapp contact with your tax advisor 365 days a year.

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After purchasing our mini e-booklet you will be familiar with the foreign terms and have a checklist.  


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Life in Cyprus

Also on Cyprus our knowledge portal is at your side with all the tricks. Unlimited!

Cyprus Tax Advisor Limited

Walking the right path with us.

We have divided our portal into topics, which perfectly serve as a step-by-step guide:

We tell you what to do before all the planning, how to organize your first vacation on the island and reveal all the secrets about the cities and towns of Cyprus in our big city comparison. It will be easy for you to choose the right location for you.

Administrative procedures, bureaucracy, bank accounts, deregistrations, accessibility - you can handle all these topics with absolute ease using our guide. You can use our portal to save months of research on the right tax advisors, banks, tricky tricks and choosing the right transport company. With our tools you can plan the volume of your move and save money. What about transfer of unemployment benefits? What should you organize first? We will tell you!

Our service really gets going! Our section "In Cyprus" is about a package full of topics. We tell you the cost traps in Cyprus, tell you how and where to find the best real estate , how to get the best health insurance, and much more. health insurancehow to apply for your Yellow Slip, how to register yourself in GESY and a lot of information about cars, flights, doctors and online stores.

Exciting video interviews with well-known entrepreneurs, helpful online tools, downloads, sample forms and instructions await you!

Als zusätzlichen Vorteil erhalten alle Mitglieder Rabatte auf die Firmengründungskosten, Beratungsgespräche mit Experten und zahlreiche Vorteile, die sonst niemand erhält.

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We are not just a firm, but the largest portal for expatriates in Cyprus. Being a member means: access to our entire knowledge base, discounts, videos and tips & tricks

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  • 350€ discount when buying a car
  • FREE expert talks
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  • KV broker 460€
  • Yellow slip 450 € 
  • GESY request 250 € 
  • 8-10 weeks research 
  • + more than 30% higher rents, water costs and electricity costs

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The Alliance of German Speaking Emigrants in Cyprus offers you many advantages.

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About us

At the end of 2019, we took the step that many other young entrepreneurs from Germany and Austria have already taken. I closed my current company in Germany and founded a limited company in Cyprus. This step enables every entrepreneur, who only needs internet access for his work, a tax-free salary (up to €19,500 per year), tax-free dividend payouts and a very low income tax of only 12.5% (in Germany I paid about 40% on my annual generated profit). 

This is possible legally and with European protection, as there is a so-called "non-dom" program in Cyprus for people who move their residence and tax domicile to Cyprus.

Besides the 320 sunny days per year, the wonderful climate and the extremely friendly inhabitants, it was clear to us after a very short time that we would take this step. Before we emigrated to Cyprus, however, we were faced with a huge mountain of uncertainties and questions, some of which we had to answer with time-consuming research.

We save you this research work with our unique Cyprus Limited Guide. It is available to you at any time, even when you are on the road, and guides you step by step to your own limited company with enormous tax savings.
The portal is your mentor for your entire stay in Cyprus.

We learned an incredible amount in just one year - and unfortunately also had to pay an incredible amount of apprenticeship money. We met real estate agents who would have illegally added up to 300 € a month for themselves, received water bills of over 600 euros, lived in a house that was uninhabitable after a very short time because of mold and spent a lot of money on consultants and brokers whose work we could have done ourselves for free with a little know-how.

Cyprus Ebook Portal Limited

E-book was yesterday: interactive portals are the future!

At first we wanted to write a classic e-book and make all our collected experiences, inspirations and tricks available to others. We quickly realized that e-books or books do not fit the topic "Emigrating to Cyprus" or "Starting Cyprus Limited", because things are constantly changing and we also wanted to add new content on a weekly basis.

Furthermore, we have meanwhile added so much digital content like the relocation calculator, numerous sample forms or exciting videos that would not have fit into an e-book ;-) 

Oniro Cyprus

The portal for expats and emigrants in Cyprus

Cyprus -
Tax haven of Europe

In Cyprus, everything is calmer and more relaxed. It's the island where parcel delivery men still wait for you until you've done your shopping, or the boss of the Internet company comes by personally on Sunday to repair your router.

But it's also the island that's not so strict about rules. People like to take money, but they don't like to give money. It can quickly become expensive - if you want to emigrate to Cyprus, rent or buy a property, or just spend your everyday life in Cyprus.

The portal ZYPERN.LTD saves you from high costs and gives you daily tricks and valuable insider knowledge.




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Cyprus Limited Questions

Our portal answers the following questions, among others:

What taxes do I still have to pay in DE?

I will explain to you if and which taxes you still have to pay in Germany if you want to continue selling to German customers.

How can I keep my German phone number?

A German phone number is very important for your customers and the serious company appearance. There are tricks for this.

How do I get a bank account with German IBAN?

For a Limited abroad it is quite difficult to get a full bank account with a German IBAN at a German bank. I will explain to you how I managed to do it anyway to offer 100% security to my clients.

How do I find the right apartment? 

There are many black sheep on the road, and everything ticks differently in Cyprus. Here, there are not 2-3 real estate portals like in Germany, but thousands of websites and brokers. Our portal saves you in the real estate section from possible traps that cost a lot of trouble, time and money.

Who is the right tax advisor? 

The answer is not the same for everyone, but we will help you to better understand which tax advisor in Cyprus suits you best. We also show you how to apply for your Yellow Slip yourself. This way you already save more than 450,00 €.

Which shipping company will take care of the move? 

If, like us, you would like to emigrate from Germany with all your furniture, then we would be happy to explain to you, based on our experience, what you should look out for when comparing moving companies .

What salary do I pay myself?

Using various calculation models, we will show you which salary is worthwhile in order to keep social security contributions low, and how you can withdraw further payments from the Limited tax-free.

Which region is suitable for which type? 

Cyprus is large and diverse - so our city comparison shows you which region is best suited for which type of entrepreneur. We have rated each location in Cyprus with the most important points

More useful tips ...

In our glossary we offer you more tips about the country and its people as well as business management, numerous downloads, sample forms and video interviews! 

Can you take your German car with you?  

You can! The question is: should you? Our book deals precisely with this question.

How do I get a corporate credit card?

Getting a corporate credit card with full credit or even bank accounts with German IBAN is quite difficult as a Limited, but with special and very simple tricks it is possible.

How am I covered by health insurance?

An extremely important question. We explain how you are insured and which additional insurances you should take out. An interview with an expert is included, as well as a great insurance comparison.